How Pinteresting {nr. 14}

Another Wednesday, another Pinteresting post! :-) Today I am sharing bedroom decorating ideas and color schemes that I've recently loved and pinned. 

 {1} {2} {3} {4} {5}

Sometimes I feel like I have such a mix of personal style! :-) Overall I tend to love using lots of bright whites, and all different shades of grey & silver, accenting with bold brights and classy prints.
I like my rooms to look cozy and homey, but with clean lines and organized space! What is your style when it comes to interior decorations?


  1. Kinda looks like my style too!
    I like the fact that it's very do-able!
    Simple and classy!

  2. Wow, the first and fourth bedrooms are GORGEOUS! Love the color coordinations there. ;) Lovely pins as always!

  3. I love looking at bedroom (or decorating in general) ideas. You found some lovely ideas. I would say that my style is the vintage/cottage/shabby chic look. Aqua, red, white are some of my favorite colors to decorate with.

  4. i'm deffo the vintage/cottage/shabby chic look like kati!! :) all comfy and cozy, but with a hint of boho too, of course. :)



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