Does This Count as a Date?

So, my husband and I never really dated. As in like, going out on dates. Yes, we went out together, but in a more casual "I have a half hour off for lunch do you want to get coffee together" kind of way. We spent most of our time together on the weekends, at my house... doing church stuff, making dinner, cleaning, watching movies... just casual every day, normal life, things. And, we spend most of our during-the-week time out having coffee and talking. That possibly could mainly be because he worked long hours at a coffee shop. ^_^ Plus we both happen to be total caffeine addicts! Anyhow, we rarely, if ever, went out on actual planned dates together. After we got married and I looked back on our boyfriend/girlfriend days, I had a little bit of regret and longing for a more typical relationship. I found myself wishing that we'd been more traditional and gotten out to do more of the normal dating that most couple do. You know, dinner and a movie? 

But after giving it much thought, I found that even though our relationship was anything but typical, I still cherished the memories we'd made together and was thankful for our journey together thus far. We've now been married awhile. Well, it has only been 8 months but in some ways it feels like forever. :-) We still don't go out on planned dates. They just sort of happen. We go out to pay bills and stop for impromptu pizza on the way home. We meet up after work and grab a cup of coffee and talk for awhile. Plans get canceled and we decide to visit the zoo since we're in the area. On our typical evening walk (um, before the rainy season!) we usually end up at the local bakery trying out new cakes and pastries. Sometimes it feels like we are so predictable, but I love it just like this. I love not knowing what comes next. I love just enjoying our time together however it may be. I love how natural we are together and how natural our relationship is and has always been. When I'm with him, that is all that matters. Who needs dinner and a movie anyway?

So today, we actually kind of had a planned date. Never being the kind to have planned dates, I don't know if it counts. But to me... I'm with him, we're together... so it's a date. :-)

He just had a quick work errand to run today, so I was invited along for the ride, and afterwords we headed up to see a local cave in the area that I'd never visited. All the uphill hiking was kind of tiring for this pregnant mommy but at least I'll sleep good tonight! :-)

I stole these two ^^ from my husbands phone. He is constantly snapping photos of me ever since he got an iPhone last month, 99% of them made me cringe just looking at them now. But it is really sweet he thinks I'm so beautiful when at times I feel so, not. It's nice knowing somebody likes you. ^_^

The sign at the entrance of the cave. 

Couldn't get any nice photos inside with my phone, so I stole this one from the husband! :-) It was a really nice tour and was beautiful inside. They actually do classical concerts inside every so often, it would be amazing to attend one someday. :-) I bet the sound is incredible!

The trail going up to the cave had a little shallow river running down it due to all the rain we've gotten lately! It made everything a little slippery but it was really serene and beautiful anyway. (I think I must have been taking a picture with my phone, in case anyone is wondering! lol)

More of the trail!

My handsome husband...and his iPhone. He is totally attached to that thing! :-)

We stopped for coffee on the way back to town. Well, he had coffee...

 ...I had ice cream. Why can't my pregnancy craving be something healthy, like spinach or broccoli?

It was a lovely day and a cute little date to remember. It was so nice being out in the sunshine and warmth after so many weeks of rain and chilly weather! It's funny how something as small as a little bit of sunshine can lift your spirits so much. :-)
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,


  1. Awww that is so sweet! It looks like you guys had a great time going out together. :)

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your hubby. You are such a cute couple. :) My sister-in-law has always been a woman for adventure. She and my brother hike, camp, kayak, and run. When was pregnant with her third baby she hiked several mountains with her second little one on her back while she was 6 months pregnant! I don't know how you could do something like that while pregnant...I sometimes have a hard time doing it without the extra baby weight. :)

  3. Planned things are fun, and it was great to see your first planned date! But spontenaity is sometimes the best, too! And, Marie, you just inspired me to visit Romania with the simple statement that they have classical concerts inside that cave! Wow--that would be amazing! I wonder if any of the caves around here do anything like that...

  4. Hey! You got to go to some caves! Looks like you had fun! It's beautiful there, I'm jealous! ;)
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  5. Sooo cool, and very very sweet!!!! :) You look amazing pregnant, and I can't wait to see what your baby looks like!!!

    Love ya,

    p.s. someday i AM going to visit Romania!! :D

  6. I'm glad you had a nice day with your hubby. It's nice when things go well even without planning them=)


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