Day 9 {15x15 Remix}

Ok, so, this morning I started off in my LL Bean pink wool cardigan, but the temperatures really hiked and I wasn't home to access my other 15x15 tops, so I borrowed a top from my sister! It really isn't her tee, I think it is a shirt I bought a long time ago that was too big but of course it is about perfect for me now. Thanks to my sister for keeping some of my junk in her room still! :-) My stomach is really growing, I can't believe how fast I started to pop! It is probably not very noticeable in the photos I post on the blog or to other people around me... but for me, I definitely notice. Every time I look down! lol. ^_^ Oh, I also just grabbed some Old Navy flip flops to run outside and take these photos. I feel like such a rebel for breaking so many 15x15 rules! :-)

Pink Tee// Authentic Clothing Company. Black Pencil Skirt// Motherhood Maternity. Flip Flops// Old Navy. Belt// off a Zara skirt. Bracelet// borrowed from sister! Earrings// Meli Melo. Silver bracelet// from Greece.

Please excuse the dirty spots on my skirt. With two rottweilers and a german shepherd running around outside it is sort of difficult to remain clean! :-)  You can also tell that it is Saturday due to the makeup-less face and crazy mess of hair. Sorry. That's just me on the weekend! I don't know about you, but I like my weekend's pretty comfortable and laid back. Today, my plans are mostly catching up on computer things, hanging out with my sister, possibly giving myself a new manicure, getting some sunshine, and most likely drinking a lot of iced tea.

What are your plans for today?


  1. This is such a cute outfit!!!=) I love pink tops and this one teamed with the black skirt with the belt looks really good.I guess black goes with anything. Anyway i hope you're baby is doing fine=)

  2. No worries about breaking the rules, we still love you anyway!
    I love the black and the pink together, hooray for sisters! =)

  3. I love that shirt!!! And the skirt. :)

    Hmm, well, my plans are to fill out a job application, *hopefully* go to the Family Christian bookstore and check out 'Winning Balance' by Shawn Johnson, and that's it. :)


  4. *with a snobbish English accent* As Ms. Pillsbury said, we most graciously forgive your rashness in breaking the most important rules in the community. We shall gracefully accept you back into our blogging family. *gives a snooty smile* ;-)

    Okay, here's my normal self back. :-)

    Cute outfit! The pink and black look really nice together, and the belt adds a nice touch.

    Great job!


  5. Oops! Forgot to say; your hair looks cute! It looks like it's messy on purpose!

    Super cute and comfy outfit!



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