Day 8 {15x15 Remix}

I can't believe how quickly this challenge is flying by! I thought that posting my daily outfit on the blog for 15 days straight would be difficult, but it has been really fun and enjoyable! I hope I am not boring anyone yet. :-) Today I took a trip into town with my husband for some errands and I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do! Thus the cardigan and boots. However, the sun came out and it ended up be super warm so the cardigan came off and well...my feet were just really hot.. Not to mention, you know that awkward feeling when you are wearing black (winter) boots and you happen to look around and realize that everyone else is in sandals? Yeah. Anyway. 

Cardigan// Old Navy. Striped Top// Authentic Clothing Company. Skinny Jeans// Cato. Black Riding Boots// Tamaris. Silver Necklace// Brighton.

On a different note, I was so excited (and still am!) that my husband got to feel the baby moving last night! He has been hearing me talk about the baby moving around inside of me for a few weeks pretty much non-stop now, and I am sure he was getting tired of me saying "hey, give me your hand!" trying to see if he could feel it yet. Sure enough, last night he did. :-) Maybe it is just a silly thing, I know it is small...but to me it was pretty exciting and a happy milestone! 
Wishing everyone a lovely Friday,


  1. So cute! Love that cardigan with the striped shirt. Looks really good on you!


  2. Very adorable!! Oh goodness Marie, I have that problem all the time. I never know how to dress in the summer when its freezing inside and then its hot outside. :) Like today, I had to go to tutoring, and its been freezing inside the classrooms, so today I wore cuffed jeans, flats, a v-neck tee, a cardigan and scarf. Everyone else was like in t-shirts and shorts, and I'm sitting at my desk shivering. lol

    Oh well!! Oh yeah, and what happened to your hand?? :/


  3. Oh that's so exciting! Love the outfit.What happened to your hand?Look like it hurts:(

  4. What happend to your poor hand?

  5. Oh my...I totally forgot to ask about your hand! Ouchie!

    Thanks so much for your super sweet comment; you totally made my day - it made me feel all warm inside! Thanks so much, Marie!



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