Day 6 {15x15 Remix}

Sure enough, the rain & chilly weather came back! Horribly sad after all the lovely sunshine in the past week, but at the same time I've always been a rain lover so I'm pretty content staying indoors and watching the drizzle. This morning I had to run a few errands in town so thus the bundled-up-ness of my outfit for today...usually I'm not such a cautious one when it comes to health & weather, but for the sake of the baby's health (& mine!) I figure it's my duty to stay warm & dry. :-) My husband must have been feeling creative today....all of the photos were angled so that's all I've got. :-) Oh, and item #15 is this simple little knit dress that I picked up on a clearance rack a few years ago in a department store. It has gotten so much wear and is such a versatile dress! I love having items in my wardrobe that work equally in the summer or winter. :-)

Cardigan // Old Navy. Knit Dress // Jake's. Sweater Tights // Terranova. Boots // Tamaris. Cami // H&M. Scarf // Local market. Love Earrings // Meli Melo. Silver bracelet // from Greece. 

Actually, I am about 95% sure my husband is coming down with the flu today as he is running a fever and has been sleeping on the couch ever since he got home (ahem, very strange for a man who refuses to sleep in the daytime! I don't know how you could not LOVE naps but I guess that's just not his thing! lol.). However, being such a stubborn man, I doubt he'll ever admit to being ill! Men. They confuse me to no end. Ah, what can you do.... Even if I can't get him to actually say he is sick, the least I can do is try to take care of him the best I can. So I've been supplying plenty of hot tea with honey and hoping he gets well soon!

On another note, I had a doctors appointment this week and we found out the gender of the baby!! I told family & friends and somehow forgot to mention it on here... So stay tuned for my outfit and post tomorrow and I'll announce whether our little bundle of joy will be a boy or girl. :-) And just for fun, why not guess and leave your answer in the comments below?

Do you think I'm having a boy or a girl?


  1. I'm thinking you're having a boy. :)
    Lovely outfit by the way!

  2. You look so cute with your bump :) And your dress is nice too! I also think that you are having a boy :) Your wreath on the door is so cool, did you buy it or make it? x

  3. Ooh I think I'll just say what I want you to have.

    A girl! I know you'd dress her up adorable and everything. :)

    Can't wait to find out!


  4. I am going to guess your having a...girl! :)

  5. Oh my goooosssshhhh! I've been sort of out of the blog-world lately, and I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations!

  6. p.s. haha in my excitement in hearing you find out what gender of baby you're having, i forgot to comment on your outfit! lol

    i LOVE your outfit marie!!! i love the colors you used, and your boots, since i have a pair ALOT like yours. :) i just LOVELOVELOVE your scarf, too. :)

    love ya,

  7. I'm guessing a girl - ooo...how am I going to wait till tomorrow?

    Super cute outfit! Looks warm and comfy. Looks like something I'd want to wear!


  8. That is a cute outfit! I really like your boots!

    I'll guess girl! My mom is expecting number 9 in August, and she is having a girl. :)

  9. Love the outfit. Looks very cozy. I love your scarf!

    I will guess you are having a boy!

  10. Love your little bump! <3 you look bigger here(in a good way of course). I like this one of you :)

  11. Lookin' cute! Sorry about your hubby, of course. :(

    I'm guessing... a girl! :)

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