Day 4 {15x15 Remix}

Oh boy. I can't believe I am posting these photos. I look like a cow. Or at least looking at these photos now I am feeling like a cow! This top looked so much more flattering in the mirror than on camera, does that ever happen to you? This top was going to be my #13 item but after wearing it today I might replace it with something different! As for item #14, I decided to add this black cardigan from Eddie Bauer that I bought ages ago and rarely ever wore. I love the simple drape front and it works well on days that I just want my arms covered and not a full cardigan. :-) Please excuse the wind blown hair... it has been quite blustery outdoors lately!

Purple Floral Top // Authentic Clothing Company. Cardigan // Eddie Bauer. Skinny Jeans // Cato. Flats // Gift. Belt // off a Zara skirt. Headband // Meli Melo. Necklace // from my husband!

See you tomorrow for day 5! :-)



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  2. I think you look great in that outfit! I love the shirt. It looks so summer-y.

  3. I love your outfit! It looks great and very flattering on you!:) ~Mary

  4. You look beautiful as usual! When is baby due?
    Could you perhaps post more wedding photos some time? I would LOVE to see them :)
    Have a wonderful day

  5. I do not think you look like a cow! You look LOVELY and soooo cute! Love the windblown hair. :)

    1. Agree. A cow never has and never could look as beautiful as you. ;)

      Love that cardigan. Eddie Bauer is awesome.


  6. That is such a cute outfit! I love the top. It looks great on you. And your hair - adorable! It looks so pretty and wavy! You did an excellent job!


    P.S. I'm super excited about your baby! Congratulations!


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