Day 3 {15x15 Remix}

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the week. I love seeing everyone at church. I love sitting out in the sunshine and coloring with all the gypsy kids after sunday school. My husband and I, along with my brother & his wife, always stay after church for a few hours and enjoy dinner with my parents and sister. Family is such a blessing! I love all the time we get to spend together and sunday for me is one day I always look forward too! :-) Today I was planning on wearing a shirt and belting it, but after not getting so much sleep last night and not feeling super great in the morning... a belt was the last thing I felt like putting on! So, I opted for a pretty loose and comfortable top instead. Some days are just better that way. ^_^

Cardigan // Old Navy. Floral Top // H&M. Skirt // Motherhood Maternity. Black Flats // gift. Layered necklace // Meli Melo. Bracelets // all gifts.

My sister was feeling snap-happy so here is one more photo of just me. :-)
Wishing everyone a lovely sunday, full of relaxation & sunshine!!


  1. I love how flippin comfy this looks!!! :) I am actually home sick today. :/ Glad you could get out in the sunshine!!


  2. You look so happy in the last pic, I love it! You are the best at putting together outfits that look elegant and comfy all at the same time! =)

  3. So pretty - and the pics were so cool! I love how you wore your hair - it was perfect with that flowy top!


  4. Lookin' good!

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