Day 12 {15x15 Remix}

My apologies for missing out on yesterday! I had a crazy day and never got around to getting any photos of my outfit. Nevertheless, I still obeyed the rules and wore something out of my 15x15. :-) 
Today I am probably going to roast in these jeans but both of my skirts AND my knit dress are all in the laundry. So obviously this is my only choice. ^_^ The weather has really spiked in the last few days and especially when I have to be out in the city all day and being pregnant and all... It's been wearing me out! I really couldn't bear putting on my flats today, so I'm cheating and wearing black sandals instead. I am so horrible at following rules, I can't believe I broke so many in these 15 days. :-)

Floral Top// H&M. Skinny Jeans// Cato. Black Sandals// Leonardo. Necklace// Kenvelo. 

This top is actually starting to get a little small/short. I can't believe how quickly my stomach started growing. :-) Not to mention... these jeans are getting a little bit uncomfortable as well. I think I'm going to have to retire them in my closet before I know it!!
Well, this girl has a crazy busy day ahead of her so I really need to get off blogger and out in the real world. :-) Wishing everyone a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. i love your shirt and jeans and LOVE your sandals!!


  2. You are an adorable pregnant woman. :)

    The Thrifty Life for Me

  3. That's what yesterday was for me! I looked at the hangers where I had my 15x15 clothes and there was just a shirt and skirt left....okay, guess that's what I'm wearing! =P
    You look adorable!

  4. You look pretty in this outfit. I love the sandals esp.=)


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