Just a few current things I've been loving!
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Nectarines. So glad they are finally coming into season...every year when I buy my first batch I remember just how much I love them!

Messy buns + Headbands. So easy. So cute. Probably getting so boring for everyone around me seeing this pretty much every day! :-)

Red nails. Adds a little umph to those days when everything else seems to go wrong!

Granola. I totally forgot how good granola is! I bought a few boxes last week and have been happily eating it nearly every day. With yogurt, with milk, with fruit. So many options and sooo delicious!

Eating outside. When the rain tempers off in the day, I love grabbing a snack and heading out for some fresh air on my balcony. Plus, food just seems to taste better when you are outside!!

What are you currently loving?

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  1. What am I currently loving...

    1. I'm in summer break!!!!!

    2. Maxi dresses/skirts. Can't get enuff of them!

    3. Colored denim.

    4. Big cocktail rings.

    5. Messy 'olsen twin' hair!! :)

    6. Anything boho

    7. Cowboy boots. I have yet to get a genuine pair, but when I do, I think I'll prolly want to wear them everyday. lol

    8. 'We Got the Beat' by Debby Ryan

    9. Debby Ryan

    And I think that's all. ;)



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