Beach Dreaming {in Photos}

Lately I have found myself dreaming of the beach. I love the beach and the ocean. It is so peaceful, yet so changing. So calm, yet always unpredictable. The sand is crazy messy but feels so good under your feet. I love the heat from the sun. I love finding tiny shells and little creatures. Last year, my husband and I took our honeymoon on a quiet island in Greece, which obviously involved spending lots of time at the beach. Sadly that was my last time at the beach (or swimming for that matter!), so today I took a short stroll down memory lane and relieved it a little through the photos I took. 

This week (if it works out) my husband and I are going to spend a day at our favorite indoor/outdoor water park. Not quite the beach but close enough for me! :-) I always enjoy the water and working on my tan, and to be honest, my favorite part is just seeing how happy it makes my husband! I swear he is part fish, nothing makes that boy happier than swimming all day long, to his heart's content. So stay tuned for tomorrow, and I'll be posting on my beach/(ahem, poolside?) bag essentials.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

(all photos are mine. please don't steal!)


  1. Wow, you went to Greece for your honeymoon!!?? That must have been very fun. :) Cute pictures, btw!

  2. Whoa, GREECE???? That is awesome!! I would love to visit Greece, and Italy, and England.... :)

    Have fun at the beach! TBH, I'm NOT a water person at all... I don't know how to swim, and I'd much rather do something else than spend a day at the beach, but have fun anyways!! :D


  3. Greece sounds amazing! I would love to visit any country in Europe someday!

    I also love the beach, and living in Southern California, I have the great privilege and blessing of being only a short drive away! The beach is beautiful, but I guess a water park will have to do until you can make it to the beach again! Have a good time there!

  4. Beautiful photos! I just noticed you and your husband's eyes are nearly the same color! (= That's so precious!


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