What I've Been Learning

Lately, I've been learning to just let it go. More specifically? Give it to God. Life really gets crazy sometimes, it brings on so much worry and stress. While I consider myself to be a professional at handling stressful moments and a stressful life, I'm at a point in time that I just don't need it around anymore. And really, who does? It steals your precious sleep in the nighttime, it clouds your mind and brings on headaches, makes you agitated and tense.... I've had all I can handle. So I'm letting go. Well, I'm learning too. It takes a little time! But day by day I am trying to just let go. I am trying to wake up in the morning, and hand everything over to God before all the stress even hits me. 

The above quote really convicted my heart. How true is it that when things get crazy and overwhelming, we totally forget how big and amazing our God is! He is always in control. Always has been and always will. He is always watching out for us, and will always be there. It is such a comfort to know that he will never walk away, he will never abandon me or stop loving me. Even when I fail, even when I disappoint him, I know he is still there with arms wide open...waiting for me to come back into his embrace. 

So today I want to pass along a little encouragement to you. No matter what may be going on in your life or around you today, don't waste your time with worry and stress. Remember that God is already there, already in control, already taking care of your future. So it is okay to just let it go. 
I would like to wish everyone a lovely weekend, full of sunshine, happiness and laughter!


  1. I love that poster! Such a good message too. I like what you said about just learning to relax and smile through everything. Doesn't matter. God's shoulders are much larger than mine and he wants to carry those troubles!

    Corrie Ten Boon said: Worrying never empties tomorrow of its sorrows, worrying only empties today of its strength.

    I always try to remember that too.

    Great post!


  2. Just what I needed to read this morning. Thanks, Marie!

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