Weekend Comfort - {What I Wore}

I don't know how you feel about weekends...but personally, I think they should be comfortable! So this outfit is anything fancy or special, it's just me. On my comfortable weekend. :-) I've actually been wearing this skirt a lot in the past month, I think my expanding belly likes the soft knit waistband. Not to mention, maxi skirts are so amazingly cool in high temperatures! Seeing how much wear I'm getting out of this skirt so far, I'm definitely keeping my eye out for some more cute maxi skirts to add to my wardrobe this summer. 

{I previously posted an outfit featuring this skirt HERE.}

Black Top// H&M. Black Tank// H&M. Maxi Skirt// Local market! Classy Flipflops// Old Navy. :-) Necklace// Kenvelo. 

Yes, I realize that I don't really have much of a baby bump yet. :-) I guess I should be happy? I'm still in the in-between phase where I'm feeling self conscience about my extra growth around the middle. I am looking forward to the time where I'll actually look at pregnant as I feel! :-) Speaking of which, I am feeling better each and every day and for that I am so happy and thankful. I had an appointment at my OB this past week and took my husband in with me to see the ultrasound for the first time (his, not mine). It was fun to see the baby kicking and moving around so much, and seeing my husbands face was priceless. :-) We're getting so excited about the new addition to the family, and every morning I wake up feeling overwhelmed with blessing in our beautiful life together. 

Okay, I better stop before I bore everyone to death with my sentimental emotions! :-) 
Until next time, Marie


  1. I absolutely love maxi skirts, they are perfect for the summer! And I love this outfit on you, simple but beautiful :) The necklace is awesome :)

    Say x

  2. Oh this outfit looks so cute!! I want that skirt! haha

    Oh, that's so awesome about the ultrasound. Are you guys waiting to find out what you have after the birth, or will you find out when you're farther along in the pregnancy???


  3. You're adorable and the outfit looks so comfy, but still very nice and put together! =)

  4. You look great in this outfit! I love your skirt and the necklace...so simple and yet so pretty! :)

  5. Love your simple and stylish look :)

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  6. You look beautiful in this dress=)

  7. Love this outfit!! I want a skirt like this :)


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