To My Mom

I have a wonderful mother. Really, she is the best in the world! To list all of her positive attribute would take me forever. She has always been able to maintain a cheerful and upbeat attitude towards life. She always speaks sweetly, you could say "the law of kindness is on her lips." She gives the best hugs and make you feel safe, warm, and loved. She is probably the best cook I know, I still can't figure out how she can just whip up a fabulous meal out of leftover random ingredients! She always takes the time to listen, and tries her best to encourage and understand. She is the most gracious person, even in the most difficult of situations. Her smile is beautiful and her eyes are full of love. She managed to have a (pretty big!) handful of kids, move us all over the country for my dads job, teach us at home, while also maintaining a lovely home that was always inviting and warm. She has defended me, stood by my side, gently corrected me, showed me unconditional love, and was the best example of how a lady should be. I hope that someday I'll be half the kind of mom that she has been to me. :-) I love my mom so much and today I am so thankful to celebrate her being a part of my life!!

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy mother's day!

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  1. That was beautiful Marie!!

    This is gonna sound horrible, but I keep forgetting its Mother's Day!! I did remember tho, to make my mom a card this morning! :)

    Well, I hope your mother has a very special day. She raised a wonderful young woman to be my friend. :)

    Love ya,


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