Summer Fashion Loves

(all images via pinterest.com)

1. Metallics. I love metallics! Especially during the summertime. It's sparkly, shiny, hot, and adds so much pizzazz to an otherwise ho-hum kind of outfit. :-)

2. Boho. Specifically boho styled dresses. They are colorful, happy, breezy, and full of life! Pair with a comfy pair of leather sandals and you are good to go... I like how this style doesn't need lots of accessories or extra add ons. It makes it simple, natural, and perfect for the warm season.

 3. White jeans. Or white bottoms of any kind! I have both a white skirt and a white pair of jeans and both get worn a lot during the summertime. I like the light and cool aspect it brings. It has a fresh appeal and looks fantastic with so many other colors!

4. Hi-Lo skirts. Usually I'm not a trend follower, but I've been eyeing this one a lot! It is flowing, feminine and just plain fun. I also like the light and dainty colors (and patterns) in this specific outfit. Isn't it feminine?

5. Maxi skirts. I love maxi skirts. Simple. Easy. Cool. Modest. They really are a summer staple! I really adore the bright yellow one featured above, it is bold but not to crazy and something I could definitely see myself wearing this summer. 

What are some of your favorite Summer fashions?


  1. Maxi skirts, [gladiator] sandals, skinny jeans, shorts, ballet flats, bright colors, flip flops, and wearing no shoes (which really isn't a fashion trend...) lol

    I am loving every single thing here, Marie!! I want white jeans so bad, but have a hard time finding jeans that aren't skin tight, like made for anorexics. :/ Its ridiculous the skin-tight trend, and it bugs me! Oh well.


  2. Marie,
    Lovely photos! I LOVE them! The yellow maxi dress, pastel/Hi-low skirt are my favorites! :) So basically all of them! *GRIN*
    I'm loving the color trends this here!
    How are you feeling, any morning sickness?
    A Modest Fashion Blog:


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