Miscellany over the Weekend

My growing baby bump that is getting more challenging to keep covered, I'm finding a lot of my tops to be too short now. I still haven't started officially documenting the bump in photos, I wanted to start while I was still flat, but I think I left that stage back a few weeks ago!! :-)

My husband picked out these adorable little frog earrings for me at Meli Melo on Thursday. Funny considering I had just pointed them out to my sister the day before! My husband is starting to know me well. :-) 

He also got a pack of headbands insisting they look so good on me. Who knew? So I've been wearing them more often lately and enjoying this little set...the prints are so versatile and add something fun to otherwise boring outfits and hairstyles. :-)

I finally sewed the missing buttons back onto a few of my husbands shirts. I am such a procrastinator! I think one of them has been waiting to be fixed ever since we got back from our honeymoon... shame on me! But it is all done now, so husband is happy. :-)

We spent most of the weekend away at my parents. I love being able to escape to the country! My dad just got two baby pigs and I had so much fun feeding them every day...they are so adorable and I had no idea they could be so noisy! I'm only sorry I forgot to get a photo of them! Maybe next weekend. :-) Not that anyone is probably interested in seeing pig photos but anyway. I'm just rambling. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Such sweet gifts :-) Sounds like a lovely weekend!

  2. I would totally love to see pics of baby pigs!!! They are such cute things. :)

    I LOVE your outfit here, and your weekend sounds like fun!!! Lovin the headbands, too, and the earrings. Adorable!



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