I ♥ Thursday

This week I am linking up with Ashley for I heart Thursday! Basically I'm just going to be sharing the recent things I've been loving lately. :-) Hope you enjoy and be sure to click on the icon to check out Ashley's post as well!


Pinwheels. Adorable, darling, coloring, sweet, pinwheels! My sister just made a little garland of them out of book pages and she got me hooked. Now I can't get enough!


Vintage swimwear. Really, how classy do those ladies look up there? So much more feminine and beautiful than today's typical skimpy bikini!


Strawberries. They are finally in season here and down to an affordable price so I'm enjoying them daily. With yogurt, on cake, straight out of the carton... they are so delicious and that is the bottom line!


Spending time on our little balcony soaking in the sunshine. While it is still a little to chilly to eat my breakfast out there, I usually head out for lunch or dinner to enjoy the fresh air. Right now all I have are two chairs...hopefully soon I can get a few plants to decorate! :-)


Baby mobiles. So cute. I am just obsessed. I keep finding a lot of cute ideas and would love to try to make one (or a few!) before the baby gets here. ^_^

What are you loving this week?

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  1. The baby mobile is absolutely adorable.Feel like making one straightaway=)!


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