How Pinteresting! {Nr. 12}

Joining up again for Pinteresting Wednesday. :-) Today is just a mish mash of all the random things that I've been pinning lately! Enjoy!

I've never had strawberry pie... but I have a feeling we'd be best friends! I definitely have to try to make this in the Summertime. 

Oh please let me look so adorable when I am this pregnant! I love her outfit... beyond cute.

I have been drooling over this jewelry rack...so organized compared to my heap of necklaces on top of my dresser. 

Be still. Something I need to remind myself of very often! This print is really adorable as it is anyway. I just tend to have a thing for little birds. :-)

So, my balcony isn't quite so large or chic, but I love the bright colors used and all of the nice, lush, greenery! :-) I need to work on making mine a nicer space!

Oh how I LOVE this quote. So true. So beautiful. A wonderful comfort and reminder!!


  1. Oh my! Strawberry pie! I'll definitely be making this when our strawberries ripen!! What a cute jewelry holder! I like little birds, too. That is a definitely a verse to remember...

  2. Wait, you've never had strawberry pie? Catastrophe! I know you would be friends with it! I'm going to repin Psalm 46:10--that is one of my favorite verses/songs. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mmmm the Strawberry Pie looks so yummy right now! :9 Lovely pins, btw.

  4. I love love love that pregnant woman's outfit!!! :) Very comfy looking. lol And I'm sure you'll look adorable once you start sticking out more. ;)

    Strawberry pie.... hmmm not sure if I'd like that. I just keep thinking of this strawberry dessert my grandma makes with pretzels and I really don't care for it. But maybe I will try strawberry pie this summer just to see...

    Love ya,


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