Hello, Baby Bump

I think I can officially say the baby bump is here. It is getting more noticeable every day and I am quickly outgrowing my wardrobe. Thankfully, I have a stash of clothes in the back of my closet that have always been a little too big, and I didn't have the heart to throw out before with the hope that I'd eventually grow into them! So it is fun to start getting some use out of those. :-) Today for the first time, I'm wearing a maternity skirt! I would like to try to get through this pregnancy with the least amount of maternity clothing possible...but I did go ahead and order a few pencil skirts via Motherhood Maternity. I'm glad I did, because I already pretty much outgrew all of my black pencil skirts already and that is a pretty classic staple in my daily wardrobe. Please forgive my lopsided messy bun in the photos... it seems to becoming a favorite hairstyle of mine lately. Some days I just can't handle having hair in my face...so thus the quick and classy messy bun. :-)

Striped Tee// Terranova. Tank Top// H&M. Pencil Skirt// Motherhood Maternity. Flats// ?? Earrings// Avon. Necklace// Kenvelo. 

My awesome husband has a habit of bringing home my latest cravings and such.. and today was no disappointment as he brought me a bar of my most favorite dark chocolate with raspberries. I think he's a keeper!! :-) Plus, it was kind of a double awesome that my nails matched the packaging so well! 


  1. Your baby bump is so cute!!!!!!!!
    That chocolate looks WAY to good!!

  2. You are so cute!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your little one... you will post pictures on here, right?? :)

    And lovin your outfit, too!!


  3. Your little belly is to cute!! Keep the baby bump pictures coming!!:-)


  4. Aw, so excited for you and your hubby! Definitely can't wait to see pictures of your little one!

    You are the cutest being ever! :D


  5. I recently helped out at our local crisis pregnancy center helping sort through TONS of maternity clothes, there are some cute maternity clothes...and there are some ugly maternity clothes! :)
    They had one pair of super cute white capris go through-I'd even wear them! :)
    Glad your feeling good! My mom had morning sickness for like 7 months with all us kids! Why she didn't stop at two, I'll never know! I'm just glad she didn't! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. You look awesome! Your bump is so adorable!!

  7. YOU ARE SO CUTE! Ahhh. Seriously. Adorable. What are you going to do Marie if I just pass out or die during this pregnancy of your's- due to your cuteness? Bet you didn't think of that... for my safety you are going to have to try not the look so precious. ;)
    Oh dear Lord- what am I going to do when that baby of your's is posted up all over this blog?


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