It's these kind of mornings that I cherish the most. My husband has the weekend off and is still sweetly asleep in bed and by now has probably stolen my pillows. The birds loud and cheerful song outside is what woke me up and got me out of bed this morning, that, and the gentle sound of rain hitting the window pane. There is always something so invigorating and inspiring about a gentle rain on a warm spring morning. I love the fresh smell in the air, the sound of the happy birds, and the nearly neon greenness of the trees against a moody sky. This morning, I'm so content. So happy with my life. I am feeling blessed beyond measure. Blessed that I married such a kind and thoughtful man. Blessed to have a mom who cares for me so much and gives me good advice. Blessed to have a sister who is my bestest of friends and who's company I adore. Blessed that my parents are still in love. Blessed to be carrying a strong and healthy child. Blessed that my husband is just as excited about our baby as I am. Blessed to know that the future is always in God's hands. Blessed to be here in such a beautiful place.

Blessed, blessed, blessed. 

Do you ever have those kind of moments...where time just seems to pause for a minute and everything stands still. You look around and the truth dawns on you, just how amazing your life really is? How much you have to be grateful for? How ashamed you feel of the things you took for granted? How overwhelmed your heart feels about all that blessing in your life?

Today is that moment for me. Well, to be honest, it has been going on for a few days now. I don't know where it came from or what brought it on. But I'm come to the realization that my life is still just as blessed as it always has been. God is still guiding my life. He is still pouring out blessing upon me each and every day. It is my own fault for not seeing it. It is my own fault for falling into depression and not taking the time to be more thankful. It is my own fault for not seeing the good in my life and only focusing on the bad. I am so ashamed, yet so overwhelmed. It is a humbling feeling and words can't really even describe what is inside my heart today.

I just feel blessed.

So blessed.

And since every post is better with a photo... I'll include this one! I haven't shared many wedding photos on here but today I'll make an exception. This picture makes me smile. I love my smooshed nose. I love that I actually listened to my dad's opinion and bought that vail. I love that beautiful little alleyway that I still walk down all the time. I love that my husband still grabs me and kisses me just like that. I love the memories of that day.

To give proper credit where it is due, the photo was taken by the fabulous photographer and one of my closest friends, Katie. Check out her blog here to see more lovely work!!


  1. Is there ever any horrible posts, Marie??? I'm kidding of course!! I love every single post you come up with, specially this one. That picture is so beautiful.... :)

    Someday, I tell myself, I'm going to visit Romania. :D

    Love ya,

  2. God makes our lives wonderful indeed :)))))
    {oh my word, your dress is GORGEOUS!! And such a cute kiss <3 }

    love always,

  3. You are gorgeous, and I love your dress! :) I actually managed to hunt down your wedding pics a while ago (;)), and they are all amazing! :)

  4. love this post. :) and that picture is so awesome! I think we need to be seeing some more of your wedding pictures around here. ;)

  5. I am happy for you! :) Isn't God amazing? :)

    Say x

    ps. thank you for your awesome comments- they mean so much!

  6. Beautiful post!! ~mary

  7. I'm happy for you! I glad that you're content with what you have!That's when you see life as a blessing!

  8. Oh Marie...this post is so, so beautiful. It warms my heart so incredibly much! Every now and then I feel like this, too. I get exactly what you described- overwhelmed by everything I am given in life and feeling so undeserving. I am so happy for you though and everything that is in your life...congratulations on your pregnancy, also! So, so excited for you <3


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