15 for 15 Remix {My Fifteen}

Since the 15 for 15 remix challenge starts off tomorrow morning, I wanted to do a post today showing you what 15 pieces I chose from my wardrobe to use during this fashion event. :-) If you would like to participate, it still isn't too late...click on the icon above to find out more from Ashley!!
Alright, lets get started and see what I'll be wearing for the next 15 days. :-)

{1} Black Cato Trench Coat. Sadly, the weather has turned in the last week, and we are right in the middle of the rainy/chilly springtime weather! So including a coat was a must!
{2} Basic Old Navy Grey Cardigan. This little darling gets worn nearly everyday. So adding it to the remix was a no brainer for me.

{3} Tamaris Black Riding Boots. Ughh, I thought my boots wouldn't be seen again until Autumn! Oh well. Wet feet aren't fun so you will be seeing these boots a lot in the next 15 days.
{4} Black Flats (gift). For non-rainy days (let's hope!) I'll be sporting my basic shoes that are versatile, classy, and comfy.

{5} Cato Dark Wash Skinny Jeans. These are my most worn jeans, since I have been too lazy to go get my other pairs hemmed and it is kind of hard to roll up bootcut jeans. :-)
{6} Motherhood Maternity Black Pencil Skirt. My new wardrobe staple! Still not used to the waistband, but it fits, so I am happy.
{7} White Kenvelo Pencil Skirt. Surprised that this one still fits me, but I won't complain! :-) I love white skirts and this one is flattering and easy to wear.

{8} H&M Striped Oxford. Haven't worn this in ages, so I thought I'd pull it out of the closet for this fashion event!
{9} Authentic Clothing Company Striped Top. This top is just too comfy for me not to wear. Plus, I figured I should add something with a little color to the remix! :-)
{10} H&M Black Knot Front Top. You've seen this top before! It gets worn a lot and it flattering to my new found curves. Plus you can never go wrong with black, right?
{11} H&M Floral Print Tee. I know, I have a lot from H&M. I am realizing that! I just bought this top last week and kind of fell in love. I've only worn it a few times so far, so I am looking forward to wearing it for this challenge!

{12} L.L. Bean Pink Wool Cardigan. I decided to add this comfortable and warm cardigan due to the chilly temperatures lately!

As for pieces 13, 14, & 15.... it is yet to be decided.. I'll be posting them tomorrow morning! :-)
Until next time,


  1. Great, Can't wait to see how you pair them up together! Good luck!

  2. Awesome!!! Love your boots. Love everything, really. :)


  3. Your selections are perfect, Marie! And right now our weather is just like yours. Me thinks I need to switch out some of my items. :)


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