What I Wore - Messy Hair Day

Today is definitely a messy hair day. But I'm one of those girls that doesn't even care that much... and I can't believe I just said that out loud. Some days just aren't worth the effort. Okay I should just stop talking now before I say something to really embarrass myself.  No but honestly, I thought about fixing up my hair for the photos but this is just me on some days so I'm just gonna keep it real! I'm at my mom's house for the weekend and have been out and about doing odds and ends all day. So casual comfy is exactly what I was going for. And hair thrown up in a random clip I found this morning fits right in with that pretty dandy.

Top// another gift! Tank Top// H&M. Skinny Jeans// Cato. Scarf// birthday present. Earrings// from husband! :-)

Some days I feel like I have a bigger baby belly than others, and today is one of those days. So thus another bump photo. Sorry, you're probably going to get sick of them pretty soon! :-) I actually have a lot of empire waisted tops and always felt self conscience in them before, because they give me a "pregnant" look.. but I am having so much fun with them now that I really am expecting. 

More keeping it real.. I didn't really wear shoes today.. I spent most of my time in my comfy crazy colored slippers. (!) :-)

I also apologize for not having a full length outfit photo.. I forgot to get one today but will do better for tomorrows outfit! :-)



  1. I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations! You look fantastic!! :)

  2. this is so cute!!! i wish i could get my hair to look messy in a ponytail. :)


  3. Your hair looks like it took you hours to get that way, so pretty! Your outfit is so simple and elegant, great job! =)

  4. Nice outfit. I love the messy hair look. Wish I could play it off. Congratulations on your pregnancy. May the Lord bless your home with this new addition.

  5. You look beautiful as always Marie!

  6. Cute! Love the messy hair:)


  7. Actually, your hair looks fantastic!! and cute outfit, I love the bump poses by the way.... : )


  8. You look so pretty in this outfit. I love the fact that its so casual and down to earth.


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