What I Wore - {Feeling Preppy}

So this outfit I put together after church this morning, came out a lot more preppy than I had planned! I usually am not so hip in style, that is usually my sisters domain. Which, considering I am borrowing her shirt and shoes today... maybe that explains why I feel like her today! :-) On a different subject, I haven't felt like my stomach has really "popped" much yet in this pregnancy, but going through my sisters closet today in search of a top to borrow, I realized that I have indeed gotten bigger! Tops that used to be loose and comfy, now strain over my newly discovered gut. So it is safe to say that by the time I got to this shirt and ended up leaving the bottom buttons undone for comfort and just belting it instead... I was feeling a bit fat. Please tell me that I'm not the only girl that has those kind of days! Maybe I should just blame it on pregnancy. :-)

I bought this necklace on sale for a super good price a few years ago, but I don't think I ever wore it at all until today! I have always been a sucker for layered chain necklaces and seeing how cute it is in the photos, I realized I need to wear it more often! :-)

Plaid Top/ borrowed from little sister. :-) Tank Top/ H&M. Belt/ gifted! Skinny Jeans/ Cato. Converse Sneakers/ borrowed from my sister! Necklace/ Kenvelo. 

This 3 day challenge has been so much fun! Thank you to Ashley, Natasha, and Olivia for being our lovely host. :-) I've enjoyed seeing everyones outfits and as always it is an encouragement to me to see other girls making an effort to dress modest and ladylike. :-) Keep up the good work!!


  1. This is cute, but like you, its not me at all!! I'm more into boho-chic, classic styles. :)

    I do love the necklace tho!!


  2. Very cute! Glad you rediscovered your necklace, I love it when that happens!:)

  3. So cute and very preppy, I love preppy looks! That necklace is nice, you should definitely try to wear it more!

  4. Thanks for joining in, Marie! :)
    I think the canvas shoes/kicks keep the outfit from being too "preppy". And don't worry about being "fat"! You're not, and even when you do start showing I'm sure you'll be cute! I always think ladies look so cute pregnant! Of course they probably don't feel that way...or at least that's what I hear! *Wink* Never been pregnant, so I wouldn't know! :)
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  5. All pregnant women are the most beautiful of all! =D With my son I didn't show until my 5th month, I hope you are feeling well, you look beautiful =)


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