The Short Term Bucket-List

I am one of those people that loves lists. Of course I have my own personal bucket list for life, but for now I'm going to make a short term bucket list of things I'd really love to do this spring + summer. It is a good way to get things done that I've been putting off or that I've been dying to do. Plus it is nice to have a list of ideas of things to do for those times you have some spare time!! Okay, here we go.

1. Make something with puff pastry.
2. Go on at least 3 family picnics.
3. Get a neon manicure.
4. Host a party.
5. Make something using mod podge.
6. Plan a romantic picnic for two. No plastic cups!
7. Send out 5 postcards.
8. Complete a photo challenge.
9. Learn how to play chess.
10. Make banana splits with all the goodies.
11. Have a bonfire.
12. Buy some summer heels.
13. Host a blog event.
14. Get all of my jeans tailored.
15. Make delicious refried beans.
16. Take more photos of my husband and I together.
17. Start a scrapbook journal.
18. Make my own recipe binder.
19. Have a girls day out.
20. Take a hike. 
21. Get a tan!
22. Make bagels. 
23. Visit the zoo.
24. Go swimming. 
25. Rearrange and reorganize our apartment!

What is on your to do list for this Summer?


  1. Well.....the big and kind of all consuming one is moving 2,000 miles to Tennessee!
    But, some other items are:
    Run for 30 minutes without dying (I will do it, I will!)
    Host a blog giveaway/event
    Actually wear all the beautiful scarves I've collected(I always tank in the summer with them!)
    Take my camera off of auto and learn to use it!
    Read War and Peace.....(Yeah, maybe the third times the charm!)
    That's a small snap shot of the summer bucket list! I need to add some of the things off of yours though, love the picnics and neon manicure!

  2. I love all of these Marie! Especially the zoo... I love the zoo.

    My list-
    Finish opening my new pet supply store (I don't own it, but I manage for the company).
    Go on a hike.
    Road trip somewhere beautiful.
    Go for multiple walks.
    Eat healthier and better!
    Take some time to smell the roses.
    Acquire some new followers for my new blog (Marie, I used to be at Coffee, Chocolate and Pen and had to shut down after a breakup with my boyfriend. I wanted a chance to start fresh, so now I'm at Lovely Loree, I'd love for you to stop by again!)
    Get some SUN! And maybe a tan too, :).



  3. Great ideas Marie!!

    Mine for summer:

    buy even MORE maxi dresses/skirts!

    buy some gladiator sandals

    get my BFF Mackenna to come to Ohio for a week!!

    have a girls day this summer with my four closest friends

    watch "Pride and Predjudice' the new one

    have a photoshoot with my BFF when she comes

    and that's about it. :)



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