Monday Morning

Just some random musings to start off the week!

1. This weekend there is a mini fashion event going on that I know you wouldn't want to miss out on! Hosted by three fabulous modest fashion bloggers, Natasha, Ashley + Olivia... this fashion event is all about versatility! You pick ONE wardrobe piece, a skirt, a favorite pair of jeans, a dress or even a top, and style it THREE different ways over the course of 3 days. Sounds like fun, no? Click on the button below to check out more details and watch out for my participating posts coming soon over the weekend. :-)

2. This song has been running through my head over the last few days.....

Possibly because I've been working on this puzzle that my mom bought me a few Christmas's ago. I do believe it is Sir Lancelot and Guinevere, correct me if I'm wrong! :-)

3. I've been considering doing this photo challenge sometime in the near future. I've started a few in the past but have never gotten past the first few days!! Shame on me. I thought this one was cute and would be good to start on. I like the casualness of it. Have you ever done a 30 day photo challenge?

4. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make lasagna for dinner. What are you cooking for dinner tonight?


  1. I've always loved that picture! You have it on a puzzle? Neat! I really enjoy puzzles. :)

    That looks like a fun photo challenge. I might have to sometime do it myself.


  2. I love puzzles and the Eli Young band and lasagna and photo challenges...I do like the sounds of that one I may just have to attempt it myself! =)

  3. Soo cool!! Sadly, I can't really participate cuz I go to a Christian high school where we have a uniform to wear. Oh well. :) Hopefully I can participate in a fashion event this summer. That'd be fun!! :D

    I love lasagna. Cept its my mom cooking tonite, not me. lol

    Love ya,


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