Lovely. {polyvore}


With the beautiful spring weather finally here on my side of the world, I am so happy to be seeing bright colors again....along with pretty skirts, maxi dresses, sandals, and all the good stuff warm weather brings! :-) I love the colors in the skirt above, coral pink and hot turquoise are among my favorite brights. 

What are your favorite spring colors to wear?


  1. I LOVE that set, it's perfect! Now if only it would warm up here! *sigh*

  2. right now i am obsessed with the boho-chic style, and those sandals and the skirt shout "BOHO!!" haha i just love every outfit you come up with Marie.

    btw, please do an outfit post soon, of you!! please? i miss those!! you have such a great sense of style. :)

    love ya,


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