How Pinteresting! {nr. 10}

Wednesday again, and today it is all about baking via Pinterest! :-) It must be springtime... I've been in the mood for oven made treats lately. 

Okay, so pizza isn't exactly baking, it is more like cooking. But to me, baking is pretty much anything with flour involved! :-) I have been craving a good pizza lately, so mate this week I'll try out this recipe.

These basic vanilla cookies look simple and YUM. Sometimes simple is perfect. 

Giant Double Chocolate Cookies? Absolutely. I have to try these beauties out sometime. Soon.

Blondie brownies are one of my most favorite treats, but I haven't made them myself in YEARS. Sad. But true. This recipe looks close to what I use to know so I'd like to try it out sometime and see how they measure up. :-)

Pizza stuffed pretzels. Pizza. Pretzels. Good combination!

Paula Deens famous biscuits! I am such a biscuit lover, but haven't had tons of good luck making them. It has been a while since my last try and I like this recipe I found via Paula Deen. Have to try these!! :-)


  1. Pizza Stuffed Prezetls sound delicious right now. :) Mmmm... me want!

  2. I want pizza-stuffed pretzels too!!! :) And those double chocolate cookies look amazing!! :)



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