Easter Sunday {polyvore}

Easter is coming up soon. Actually I forgot that for my American readers, Easter is tomorrow!! :-) Here in Romania, Catholic Easter is tomorrow but Orthodox Easter is celebrated the following week, and that is the more poplar date to celebrate it on. As late as I am, I still wanted to share a few bright and beautiful Easter sets I recently made on Polyvore. Hope you enjoy! :-)


Yellow is one of my most favorite colors to wear when the weather starts warming up. It reminds me of sunflowers, sunshine, and lemons. :-) I like how cheerful this dress is and also the fact that you could easily dress it up for church or dress it down for a picnic. :-)


Purple is another weak spot of mine, and at Easter it is probably about the only pastel color that I find myself drawn too. I love the draping on the top of this dress, along with the silver accents. So dainty and so adorable!


This set is not your traditional Easter outfit! A bit more modern and sleek, I still find it to be classic and feminine. I love the lines on the dress, so interesting and fun. :-)

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What do you usually wear on Easter Sunday?
Any traditions you'd like to share?


  1. hmm well normally what i wear for Easter is just full of color - like this year for me! i *finally* got myself a maxi dress, and its got a navy blue background with bright flowers all over it!! :) my mom had to hem it like 6 inches tho becuz it was wayyy too long! lol

    umm, as for traditions, normally we would go to my grandparents house for dinner, but since we moved to Ohio, and they live back in Iowa, we won't be doing that this year. instead we're going to a friend's house for dinner. :)

    Have a lovely Easter Marie!!



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