Colored Jeans {Trends}

Today I wanted to share a few sets featuring the ongoing trend of colored jeans. It took me a while to warm up to this one, and I still haven't jumped in myself...but I am starting to like it more. :-) So if you are like me and looking for some styling ideas when it comes to this trend, keep on reading!


Wear them with a striped top. The classic nautical look will never go out of style! I personally love those navy blue wedge sandals, but this outfit would also look cute with a pair of flats. 


Style with a simple, solid top.. and add fun through accessories! Tribal prints still seem to be popular this year, and I love the cute pieces I keep seeing like these flats! :-)


Style with color. Color blocking is another new thing I'm starting to warm up too. Not quite there yet but willing to at least look. :-) I think these colors look great together and the black adds stability and class. 

Do you own any colored jeans?
How do you style them?


  1. Well, let's see...I had a pair of bright coral/pink jeans when I was 5, but since then I haven't been brave enough to wear colored jeans again.

    You know, I wish I had enough money to fly you to the states so we could pal around and also so you could dress up my wardrobe because it's screaming for your help, girl! I am so not fashion-conscious but I REALLY REALLY wannabe! Sigh. I need some fashion help...or an intervention, or something!

  2. Sadly sadly sadly I have no colored denim, but am going to do some serious shopping once summer hits to get some colored denim!!! I love the trend like crazy!!! Kendi from http://kendieverday.blogspot.com is an amazing fashion blogger and she's a HUGE fan of the colored denim trend!! :)



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