400 Post Mark + Blogging Tips

I happen to take a look at the post number on my blogger dashboard this morning and was surprised to see that this is post number 400 for this blog! At just a few months short of the two year mark, for me, 400 posts is a happy accomplishment. Marie Loves was not my first blog. In fact I've been blogging off and on via a handful of blogs since 2007. Sadly, my previous blogs didn't last much past the first year, as sometimes circumstances forced me to shut down or my own personal inspiration died out and I quit. Starting Marie Loves in 2010 was a new beginning for me. As I originally started this blog anonymously, it gave me the freedom to develop and explore without the pressure of what the people around me would think or how they would judge. It was a beautiful experience, and in January of this year I decided to come out of my safe anonymous shell and announce to my readers, the girl behind Marie Loves. The journey until now has been so sweet, and although I still have my dry moments where I feel lost and without inspiration, and at times I feel disappointed in the blogger I am...I'm okay with the fact that I'm not perfect and I'm still growing into what I am going to be! Blogging for me, is kind of like a journal. It will document your life and the journey that you are on, the up's and down, the high points and lows, sometimes you will thrive and sometimes you'll feel lost. I don't claim to be any kind of expert, and I know I still have so much to learn! But today, on my 400th post, I wanted to share with you a few helpful things that I have learned along the way. :-)

1. Stay true to who you are. It is so easy to visit a popular blog and think to yourself, "wow, this is who I want to be!" or "this is the kind of blog I want to have..." And while there is nothing wrong with learning from others, or even finding inspiration through others, be careful that you're still you. Whether you are designing a new layout or sitting down to write a new blog post, make sure that you and your personality are shining through. Don't be afraid to be who you really are inside, celebrate your individual personality! :-)

2. Speaking of layouts... I have mixed opinions on this one. I understand that everyone has their own personal tastes, and I am all for making your blog however you like. But at the same time, I have found that it is usually better to keep it simple. Make it easy for people to read (i.e.: avoid teeny tiny fonts, or  white letters on a neon background!), easy to access and explore (it is always nice for new readers to easily be able to find a spot to find out more about you!) and try to make the overall look inviting! 

3. Befriend your readers! Take a minute to visit their blog, reply back to their comments, and just be friendly. It really makes a huge difference! :-)

4. Take the time to check your grammar and spelling before hitting publish. It is okay if mistakes occasionally slip by unnoticed, after all, we're only human. :-) But making an effort to use proper English is important and shows that you care!

5. Don't give in to pressure to be something you're not. If you really don't care about whatever the latest blogging trend is about, then don't feel the need to blog about it also. Always remind yourself that it is okay to be different. At the same time, don't be afraid to try something new! If you discover a sudden love of cooking, decide to take up photography, or get an interest in something new... don't be afraid to share it with your readers!

6. Realize the need to take a break. When you know you are going to have a crazy time in the near future, due to holidays, school, family or you simple need some time to get re-inspired... don't be afraid to take a break from blogging.   Just give your readers a heads up so they know what is going on and most likely they will all still be there when you get back. :-) You can also schedule posts ahead of time or ask fellow bloggers to guest post for you, if you want more options in the meantime.

I realize that there is nothing new under the sun and I'm sure you have heard blogging tips like this before. :-) These are just a few small things that have helped me out and that I have learned along the way. Now, I want to hear some feedback from you.....

What are some blogging tips you've learned that you'd like to pass along to others?


  1. I just reached the 400 mark recently too!
    The wisdom I would pass on is, don't get discourage! Just keep doing what you want and if you get followers great, but even if you don't as long as you are happy with what you are doing, keep it up! =)

  2. Amen.
    You are such a great blogger, and a wonderful friend.
    Marvelous post darling. All of your points are dead on!

  3. Great post Marie!! I am at 373 posts and I've been blogging since Oct. 2010 too! Well, at least for 'Free to Be Me'. :) I've had 2 other blogs as well. lol

    Ummm, one bloggy tip I got was from Jocee at the cupcake dictionary, and she said don't use a lot of: ?!?!?? and CAPS letters and that type of thing. She said it can be startling for the readers. hehe So I've done my best to stop doing those things.


    p.s. i want some rain boots - bad!! :D

  4. I'm 50 posts away from 400! Congratulations on your milestone! I completely agree with all of your tips--great advice!

  5. I'm so happy for you Marie!I've been through some of the things that you have mentioned in this post myself and you're absolutely right about being true to yourself - after all that's what makes our blog stand out from the rest!
    (By the way, just a small request- i really like what you do in your blog-would you be willing to guest post incase i need someone to do it for me? I will definitely let you know when when that happens?)
    Thank you=)


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