What I Miss Most {my Romania}

Being an avid traveler + expat for a few years now, one of the questions that I get asked the most is, "what do you miss the most from America?" Now while the expected answer might be family members, modern amenities, my home church, or friends (a.k.a. something sentimental or significant), I usually find that my honest answer and first thing I blurt out is "food!" 
I should be ashamed. It really is a pathetic answer. Food? Not my grandmother or my sweet nieces & nephews, not running water or good roads, not hearing English church services, or listening to English radio. Food. Guess we know where this girls hearts is. ^_^

The Little Things I Miss

I miss making mini pizza's for dinner on english muffins.
I miss eating grapes without spitting the seeds out.
I miss having corn chips in my chili.
I miss orange creamsicles + butter pecan ice cream in the summer.
I miss toasting a bagel for breakfast.
I miss having more than one kind of sprinkles available.
I miss crushing graham crackers for pie crust.
I miss the ease of opening a can of refried beans to use for cooking.
I miss cheese with peppers in it.
I miss snacking on string cheese + twizzlers + cheez-it's
I miss frozen fruit juice concentrates. (in so many flavors!)

>>>>>> <<<<<<

How lame did I just sound? Yet, speaking to missionaries + other expats it is nice to know that food is a much missed thing from the USA! :-) Of course there are other everyday items that I miss as well, like;

-Craft supplies! The choices here are very limited. No such thing as a Michaels or Joann's, or even your typical art + craft aisle at Walmart! I miss buying sets of scrapbooking paper + buying notebooks for good prices (a.k.a. NOT $20 like they are here!). 
-Magazines in English. Even though you can subscribe through the iPad, there is just something lovely about flipping through a real paper magazine! I miss reading articles in English!
-Book stores. Okay, yes, we have bookstores in Romania. But in Romanian. Again, sometimes I do just miss the simple things, like English! (In some of my best dreams, I find myself wandering through a Barnes + Noble with a cup of Starbucks. ^_^)
-Non Smoking. Something I often forget but is missed greatly! Smoking is considered very hip and cool yet in a lot of places throughout Europe. I miss going to a restaurant and coming out smelling the same as I did when I came in. :-)

Those are just a few things that some days I find myself missing! They are small and somewhat silly I suppose. They aren't vital to living, or even happiness! And I know that life in Romania is upscale compared to other countries in the third world category. I'm very thankful for the life I have here, and I love it so much. In fact, stayed tuned for my next Romania post coming on Thursday, where I'll share some of the food items I've come to love most in Romania. :-)

P.S. As always, please feel free to leave questions or notes in the comment section below! :-)


  1. You don't have running water in Romania?

  2. hmmmm, well, i think i'm still interested in coming to visit Romania!!! haha


  3. I know exactly what you mean. It isn't lame at all to miss food! I have lived overseas for several years and not having all your comfort foods make it hard sometimes. One of the little stores I used to go to carried Twix bars. I used to eat one any time I needed some "America" time. : )

  4. No graham crackers or pepperjack! That's terrible! And I can definitely understand the non-smoking thing--that would drive me crazy! Here in WA state, it is now illegal to even smoke within 20 feet of a building's entrance, thus even the bars and taverns must be smoke free!


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