Traditional Food {my Romania}

A few days ago I'm sure you saw my post on the foods that I miss from my homeland, America. But, to be completely fair about it, Romania has pretty awesome food so I can't really complain to much. It could be worse. God knew that I couldn't handle eating worms, monkeys, or scorpions, so he moved me to a land with doughnuts, cheese, and salami. I love my God. He knows me well. 

Simple Things

We'll go left to right from the top row and then on down, how's that? ^_^

1. Three course dinners. If not four, five, or six! I absolutely love how Romanians serve dinners in separate courses. It took some getting used to but now that I am, I think it is a fantastic idea. It is classy, artistic, and a much practiced tradition that you will see if you go out to a typical restaurant or to a family's home for dinner. First up you will have a starter plate, filled with hot and cold foods alike, you will find things such as special cheeses, salami, salads, stuffed tomatoes and peppers, and of course fresh bread is always available! Second course is usually soup. Sour soups are especially popular. Third course, the entree! Pork filets or chicken, most likely served with some variation of potatoes, and veggies on the side. Of course dessert will follow all on its own course or two. :-)

2. Peppers stuffed with cheese. Wow. I love these babies. And to be honest I'm not even sure the exact ingredients, it is basically just a cream cheese mixture that is whipped up and then spooned into fresh peppers. Can be found served in pepper halves, or sometimes cut into rings which looks beautiful when served! This is a delicious snack and something that I loved discovering in Romania. 

3. Simple meals. I love that in contrast to how fancy Romanians can serve their meals, they also rely on the very simple meals as well. I've learned while living here, that sometimes simple is wonderful! A basic platter of sliced cheese and salami, served with hard boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers and a loaf of bread can be a fantastic meal. :-) Who knew?

4. Sarmale. Mmm. The basic idea of it is a cabbage roll. Many cultures have a similar variation, such as Russia, Germany, or Turkey, so it is possible that you might have sampled something like this before! I like mine best served with lots of sour cream, and a side of rice. :-)

5. Doughnuts. Or as they are called here, gogosi! They are often homemade here. My favorite are the little mini ones that are served with toothpicks, and the option of a dipping sauce like white chocolate or strawberry syrup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! :-) This is a favorite Summer treat of mine and something that can be widely found throughout Romania.

6. Bread. Fresh, still-hot-from-the-oven, crispy crust, melt-in-your-mouth bread. I miss this probably the most whenever I go back to America! In the city you can find local bakeries that produce fresh bread daily, or if you live in the village you can most likely purchase it every morning from a grandmother nearby. :-) It is also very cheap, for a large round loaf I only pay a little over $1!

>>>>>> <<<<<<

So there you have it. Some amazing and delicious foods that I have come to love in Romania! I hope that you enjoyed this little mini series about food that I miss and food I've discovered here. :-)
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  1. I have had several of these foods! They are so good.

  2. I'm so down for some Romania food myself!! Love when I go home and get to indulge and some of our Polynesian food. There's no place like home eating super comforting food!!

  3. Wow. Now I really really REALLY wanna go to Romania!!! :) I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE homedmade bread soo much, and peppers stuffed with cheese sound AMAZING! :)

    What exactly is sarmale?


  4. I'm Polish, and love the Polish gwumpki--the cabbage roll you were talking about! Last week, I made a cabbage roll casserole--think enchilada casserole instead of enchiladas--a layer of cabbage leaves, then rice and meat, then cabbage, etc. It was yummy!


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