Puppy Love

I figured that it was high time for a puppy update. Yes, I still have the two mini monsters. Only they aren't so mini anymore, they are growing like weeds! They pack quite a punch when they come running at you full speed, believe me. We're actually now looking for a new home for both of the little girls, our plans changed a bit for the year and it just isn't working out as well as we'd hoped. Ads have been out for a few weeks but no takers yet! So until the day comes I'll just enjoy my babies a little bit longer. 

 Yesterday was quite warm and sunny, I spent most of the day in a tank top soaking up some much missed sunshine. I played sudoku to my hearts content and listened to my summer playlist on my iPhone. It was pretty nice. ^_^ Of course the lil' monsters had to join in on the fun, they are super affectionate dogs. If they weren't chasing bugs around the courtyard, they sunned on my beach towel with me or were giving me kisses. Nothing like a some puppy kisses to make you feel loved! :-) 

-is currently infatuated with my parents 3 year old male German Shepherd. She smothers him with kisses and drives him crazy. It's so cute.
-likes drinking straight out of the spigot now and usually ends up getting a bath in the meantime.
-still the serious one of the bunch. I'd love to know what goes on in that girls head!

-still fatter and bigger than Atena! She's gonna be a pretty big dog when she grows up.
-has discovered how nice sunshine is and spends all time possible rolling around on her back soaking up rays. She loves sleeping on her back, all paws in the air. 
-walks like a gangster. Seriously. She thinks she works for the mafia. I have been trying to find a gold chain collar to match her little personality but no luck yet. :-)

So, that is a little snippet on how my little girls are doing in case anyone was wondering. :-) They are so  adorable and make me laugh + smile every day. I'm really sad we have to find them a new home, but I think they'll be better off. I guess that's just how things go sometimes! Having pets is always difficult, you get so attached so quickly!

Do you have any pets?
I'd love to hear about them! :-)


  1. what??? you're giving them away?!?!?! i thot you were keeping them!!! ohhh how sad. :(


    p.s. seen the 'Hunger Games' movie yet??? ;)

  2. So precious! I'm so sorry you have to find another home for them :( I think its great you're putting them first though, it shows how much you really do care!

    I have an adorable little kitten (well he's about 8 now but in my mind he's still a kitten haha)! I miss him so much while I'm at school!


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