Oh, How Pinteresting {nr. 6}


Today, it is all about food. Without fail, whenever I go to Pinterest I end up hungry. So many delicious photos!! I'm not really a very good cook. I only have a few things that I am actually proud of and can serve with confidence! However, this girl... she loves food. so much. So that is kind of a motivator for me to actually get off of Pinterest and learn how to cook all the delicious things I see! Here are some things that I've been wanting to try!

{Source: Tasty Kitchen} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
 I am one of those junkies that loves dips. They are just so easy, ya know? This is a Oven Hot Pizza dip, and it sounds really delicious!

{Source: What's Gaby Cooking} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
Among the things I've learned to live without in Romania, refried beans. I love refried beans. They are good on burritos, sandwiches, nachos, in soup, with rice...and just about everything else. But they just don't sell them here. I've tried a few recipes and no luck on one yet! So here is another one I might try. My fingers are crossed! (anyone have a tried + true recipe to send me?)

 {Source: Fake Ginger} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
Chicken Ranch Pizza. I love chicken, ranch, + pizza, so I think this recipe is right up my alley!

 {Source: I Adore Food} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
4 Cheese Spinach dip! More dip! Yay!

{Source: The Pioneer Woman} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
The Pioneer Woman has SUCH an awesome blog. One of my favorites. Her recipes always look so good, and this one jumped out at me. My mom used to make layered salads when I was a kid so I have fond memories of this stacked delicacy. Have to make this soon! ^_^

What foods have you been craving lately?
Have you tried any new recipes via Pinterest this week?


  1. These recipes look so good! :D Especially that layered salad over there. ;)

    Good question! I've been craving oranges lately. Don't know why, but I am! :D
    I did try a couple of new recipes from Pinterest. I'll post them on my Cooking blog sometime this Saturday, because I haven't made all of them yet.

    Take care!

  2. I am SO happy you love refried beans too! I swear that I'm around nothing but meat eaters so when I order bean and cheese burritos they practically DIE lol.

  3. Yummy! I always feel the same way when I look at Pinterest. So many recipes!

  4. Hmm, what have I been craving? Chocolate!! Ever since we moved and had to sell our vending business, I have sadly not been daily supplied with delicious chocolate. Its heartbreaking, I know! haha
    Also, my mom's Mexican dip! Its the best!!!!! :)

    And since I don't have Pinterest, I haven't tried any recipes. lol


  5. I am craving that spinach cheese dip. Yum!


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