Leopard Print {accessories}

Leopard Print Accessories

When it comes to animal prints, leopard is probably my favorite. And while I can't quite see myself in a leopard print dress or trench coat, I do think that leopard print accessories are pretty adorable! From handbags to umbrellas, flats to scarves, earrings & hair accessories.... I think it adds a fun and playful touch to just about any outfit. I don't own a lot of animal print items at the moment but I'm on the prowl for a few small things to add to my Summer wardrobe! :-)

How do you feel about leopard print?


  1. Ohmygoodness, its my favorite animal print too!!! I would love to get leopard print flats, a scarf, and a beret hat. :)


  2. I don't own any animal print, but I must say I love the umbrella and flats!


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