How Pinteresting! {nr. 8}

I love Wednesdays! And it is time for more Pinteresting love on the blog today. :-) I'm going to share part of my bucket list today. I'm sure we all have bucket lists. Whether just in our heads, on a pinboard, or maybe scribbled down in a journal somewhere. While I have some pretty grand things I would love to do in life, today I am sharing some things I'd like to do this year!! 


My husband adores chess and has been wanting to teach me for ages. I'd really like to learn anyway, so this year I want to try and learn how to play chess. :-)

Actually, I already did this one last year! The day after we got married, my husband and I took a long hike to see some waterfalls and then went to the zoo afterwards. It was crazy fun and something we HAVE to do again. I glad that I married a guy who likes animals as much as I do. :-)

I've been meaning to do this for SOO long! I have so many family recipes and am always calling my mom or sister to ask them for more. I need to just make a nice cookbook with all the recipes together!

My husband and I are both legally & church married, but oh the joys of foreign overseas weddings! It was crazy, the amount of paperwork that I had to do for us to get married, and as it is we still don't share the same last name! I'd really like to change that this year. :-)

I love camping and haven't been in so long. Maybe this year husband and I can get away for a few days and go camping! Bonfires and starry skies are always a lovely idea! (and s'mores... of course!)

I am on a journey to try and be much more healthy than I am right now. And a good start would be to start eating breakfast faithfully! :-)


What are some things you'd like to check off of your bucket list this year?


  1. Neat bucket list! Hope you accomplish all of them. :)

    Some of the things that I would like to do this year is to meet my online friends, make a boho maxi dress, go on a missions trip, and go sky-diving. ;)

  2. I would love to learn how to play chess too!

  3. I love chess, but I don't think I've ever won a game of chess in my life!


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