Happy Women's Day!

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When you move to another country that is foreign to your own, it is amazing the things you find out that you never knew about before! Here in Romania, they celebrate a holiday called International Women's Day, every March on the 8th. If you want to read about all the little details you can find here on Wikipedia. :-) Basically is like Mother's Day, but instead of just honoring mothers, they honor all women! The tradition is to give flowers, or a single bloom, to all the women you know. From your immediate family and friends, to teachers, co-workers, or sometimes even to complete strangers! If you go out on this day, you will find certain stores giving out fresh cut blooms to all of their female customers and even police officers in the city have been know to stop female drivers in traffic to give out flowers! It really is a sweet holiday and one that I think is super special. So today I would like to wish all of my readers (unless you are a guy! sorry, no holiday for you!) a wonderful Women's Day. I don't know about you, but I think that being a girl is a pretty wonderful thing. And how lovely that there is a whole day to celebrate that fact alone! :-) To make it fun, I thought I would share a few things that I LOVE about being a woman. 

{wearing pink as much as my heart desires}
{baking in the kitchen + wearing a cute apron}
{painting my nails in beautiful colors}
{skirts skirts skirts! I love wearing skirts!}
{pretty things like lace}
{having long curly hair to style}
{being treated like a lady}
{high heels!}
{wearing perfume that smells like flowers + sweet things}
{being able to cry while watching chick flicks + not being judged}
{getting out of killing gross things like spiders just cause I'm a girl}
{long dangling earrings that sparkle}
{diamonds... obviously!}

What do YOU love about being a woman?


  1. Hi Marie! I didn't learn about Women's Day until I moved to Uganda about two years ago. The common way to observe the day here is for the men to do the work for their wives - cooking, cleaning, etc. Have a great day! :)

  2. That is so neat! I wish they had a Woman's holiday here in America. ;)

    What I love being a woman is that we get to grow our hair long. ;)

    Have a nice day!

  3. Love that Romania celebrates Woman's Day! I just wrote an article for work on Women's History Month, which is the month of March!

  4. Happy Women's Day, Arielle! I love your list of womanly loves! :-)

    Happy Friday Even (well, for me)!

  5. Wow--that is a special holiday! I love that [hopefully someday] I will get to symbolize being the bride of Christ by being a bride myself! That is such a sweet thought to me!


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