H&M Spring Line

Ever since H&M came to Romania, I've been a faithful shopper. They have good quality basics, lots of great skirts & dresses, a variety of style to fit different tastes, not to mention their prices are actually pretty great! I took a look at their online store today and thought I'd pass along some of the photos I really liked! Not all of the styles are actual pieces I'd wear or consider to be completely modest, they are just basic inspiration for Spring. :-)

(all photos can be found on H&M's online store!)

I am liking the look of casual, comfortable, relaxed and almost country feeling style for the spring + summer. Khaki, cargo pockets, screen print vintage tees, crocheted accents, country florals, and natural hair + makeup. I like the effortless, natural, + breezy look, and think it might be a look I'll be going for in the warm season.

What styles are you looking forward to wearing this Spring + Summer?


  1. Lovely fashion styles! My favorite would have to be the fourth one. :)

    I'm looking forward to wearing T-shirts, skirts, and flip-flops this coming spring/summer. ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this!! I am definitely going to head to my local H&M next time I have a chance!! These are all adorable!!!

  3. I really need H&M back in my life! I can't believe Houston doesn't have H&M! :-(

  4. I LOVE that floral dress!!!!! I totally want a floral dress for spring and summer!! I don't have any! lol



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