Cargo {Polyvore}

I have a confession to make. I am a huge lover of cargo pants. {Cargo capris are even better!} Not only are they super comfy and easy to wear...it is usually easy to find nicely fitted pairs that are loose enough to keep modest! I had a few pairs that I completely wore out over the last few summers, so I'm on the prowl for some more for the coming season. {Old Navy is a good place to look!} Just for fun, I put together some sets of how to wear those comfy cargo pants. Enjoy!

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Cargos are perfect for a picnic! Comfortable & cool, and easy to get around in. On another note, isn't that quilt beautiful? I love quilts! :-)

Rainy Days

Cargo pants on those Summer rainy days? Absolutely! Pair with a light sweater and a cup of tea... and go curl up to read a book or journal for awhile. 


This is so perfect for the times you want to throw something on to go meet a friend for lunch. Pair with a cute pair of flats and a fitted top to step up the casual cargos, and don't forget some girly earrings!

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How do you feel about cargo pants?


  1. They look so comfy!! I think I need a pair!!!!:D

  2. I will NEVER get tired of Cargos!! They're super comfy and you can style them in so many different ways!!

    Love the white ones ;)

  3. Ok, now you've made me crazy anxious to go shopping for some cargos!!!! I think the only kind of cargos i would wear would be either capris or shorts, not pants. Too boyish looking, I think. :) haha But ohhh i love all three soo much i can't decide which ones my favorite!! I loved how you paired the white cargos in the 3rd set with a dressier top. :) Very nice.



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