Valentine's Day {movies to watch}

If you are planning on staying at home this Valentine's day, watching a romantic movie or two might be on your agenda. And, if you are like me, and are looking for a movie that both you and him will equally enjoy {okay maybe not exactly equally but...about as close as you can get}, here are a few ideas. Most of these are tried and true movies that my husband and I have watched together in the past and would probably watch again. ^_^

Romantic Comedies
{that won't have him rolling his eyes, too much!}
Pride & Prejudice - 2005
Ever After - 1998
The Thrill of It All - 1963
P.S. I Love You - 2007
Date Night - 2010
The Proposal - 2009
Dirty Dancing - 1987
Hitch - 2005
The Accidental Husband - 2008
I Was a Male War Bride - 1949

Action Flicks 
{with a little smidgen of romance snuck in!}
Robin Hood - 2010
Pearl Harbor - 2001
The Mask of Zorro - 1998
The Legend of Zorro - 2005
Australia - 2008
The Italian Job - 2003
The Tourist - 2010
Quantum of Solace - 2008
Sahara - 2005
Fantastic Four - 2005
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - 2007
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Times - 2010

What movies might you watch this Valentine's Day?


  1. I have seen and love every single movie on your lists! But I have to say, P.S I Love You has to top the list as my favorite. You just can't go wrong with a movie with three of my favorite actors, and lots of Irish accents!.....Hilary Swank was one lucky girl getting to be in the same movie as all three of those guys! ;-)

  2. I really really want to see PS I love you!
    And of course, Pride and Prejudice is always a favourite.

  3. I highly recommend you add to your list an old 1972 romantic comedy called What's Up, Doc?. It's really funny and a great movie, one of my favorites! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069495/

  4. OK how the heck did you get your hubby to sit through Pride and Prejudice? Its one of my favs! I dont think that the one I have is the 2005 version though..Anyhow he didnt even sit through it for 30 mins.
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.


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