Season of Pink {polyvore}

Praying for Spring

I don't know if this set applies more to Valentine's Day or a warm Spring day... all I know is that I for one love the color pink. Not in excess. I'm not the Legally Blonde type of a girl. But subtle pink hints and bold pink pieces are right up my alley! This outfit reminds me of myself and something I would wear, I love when that happens. ^_^ I love wearing full, flirty skirts....it always makes me feel super feminine! And I have to say that those leopard print flats are downright adorable. I really have to get myself a pair sometime. 

How do you feel about pink?


  1. I love pink, but not too much! That skirt is amazing!

  2. Pink used to be my favorite color, it might still be, I don't know..... but yeah, too much pink is NOT me!! Like, I'm not a girly-girl or anything. :)
    Anyhoo, the outfit you posted is adorable!! :)


  3. I love blush pink- I love this outfit though. Super cute.
    And I wish it was going to be warm for my Valentine's date today--- Ev is coming and it is supposed to be a high of 49, and we are going to be at the lake all day {not to mention the 20 mph winds...} goodness.


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