Oh, How Pinteresting! {nr. 5}


February is almost over. I find myself dreaming of spring + summer quite often these days. Warm temperatures, blooming flowers, green grass, leaves on the trees again, picnics, iced coffee, long walks, cool breezes. I like warm weather. A lot. 

But I also adore winter. It really does have some nice qualities to it. Warm + cozy textures, like sweaters and blankets. Snowflakes dancing down from heaven, covering the earth with a beautiful marshmallow like coating. Savoring large mugs of hot chocolate + coffee. Reading a good book while snuggling next to the fireplace. Cold feet when you slip out of bed in the morning. The lovely silhouette of bare trees against the moody skies above them. Winter can be nice. It's just a little bit long IMO! ^_^ I've been discovering some beautiful photos on Pinterest this week that got me going on the winter thing again. And I'm going to try to stop complaining about the cold and start savoring + enjoying the season I'm in... it will be gone before I know it! :-)

 {Source: Kiyoaki} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

{Source: Claudia Blonde} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

{Source: p-urpl-e} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

 {Source: Chocolate - Coffee} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

{Source: Beauty & Grace} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

{Source: Piia Anneli} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}

What are some things YOU like about Winter?


  1. Long snowy walks as the flakes fall and your breath comes out in a fog in front of you. Sweaters and layering, boots and scarves, hot cocoa(with marshmallows please!)
    How quiet and peaceful it is while it's snowing and the fresh new world that I wake up too the morning after it's snowed never fails to remind me that my Savior has made me white as snow! =)

  2. Great choice of pins. Love them all! :)

    What I like about winter is sledding. ;) Lots of fun memories there!

  3. that black and white plaid chair... I need!! Love it b/c it looks so flippin cozy!

  4. I love that bedroom! I would spend so much time in there if that was my room!

  5. i love being able to dress up in cozy sweaters and slippers and snuggle in my fleece blankets reading a book. :)
    cute pics!


  6. My favorite thing about winter is snuggling under layers of warm blankets and sipping on a cup of hot coco. Especially the Starbucks kind! x


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