Oh, How Pinteresting {nr. 4}


This is the part of winter that I don't really like so much. The snow melts into a big yucky slushy mess. Then it snows more. Then it melts. Then it snows again which makes it a really big mess. The temperatures aren't really stable and neither are my emotions. I guess you could say I get a little bit of seasonal depression! However, I'm lucky, because I have two lively puppies that force me to stay active, and today is actually super sunshiny so I don't even know how I could still be in such a funk. On long winters like this one, I spend wayyyy to much time on Pinterest! There are just so many bright + pretty things to look at. So that is what I am going to share with you today. ^_^ And maybe some of it will actually rub off on my attitude. I could use a little bright + pretty. ^_^

{Source: Unknown} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
Usually I am not into pattern mixing. It just isn't my thing. But these two prints just look like they were made to go together. It turns out looking classy + sophisticated. Love it! This was uploaded by a user so I just put the source at unknown. If anyone knows who the original source is let me know!!
{Source: We Heart It} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
Such a simple photo but it really cheers me up. I love that little dragonfly necklace and hot pink nails are always a good idea. In fact, I might just go give myself a manicure when I'm done here...
 {Source: BHLDN} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
If these shoes don't make you happy I don't know what will. Okay, I understand some people don't like the color yellow. Well, actually not really because how could you not love yellow? I am probably just biased because it is one of my very favorite colors. Anyway, I just wanted to say that these shoes are awesome.
 {Source: Petite Stitches} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
 Yes. Life is really beautiful, isn't it? As much as I moan + complain about things, even in the middle of a horrible winter my life is still beautiful. I have a wonderful + loving family, a husband who treats me like a queen, two little rottweiler babies who love me so much that they ignore their food every morning just cause they want to give me kisses + cuddle in my lap, the sunshine pokes her head out a few times a week and warms up my bones, and Jesus is my Saviour + Shelter. What more could I ask for?
 {Source: This Blog Makes Me Jealous} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
The print of this blouse is stunning. I love floral prints on black backgrounds! So beautiful + classy. Not to mention I've always had a thing for black nail polish as well. No I'm not goth or emo!
 {Source: Teenage Dream} {Via: Marie} {On: Pinterest}
What a darling manicure. And more floral print on black background, yay! This kind of looks like those Sephora stick-on manicure thingy's. Has anyone ever tried those? I am so curious how well they work and how long they last! I really should buy a pack sometime. ^_^



  1. I love all your fun patterns here. I am with you on the pattern mixing too. I feel like I can never pull it off but it looks so cute on everyone else. Great fun pins!


  2. I love the floral print nails! I have tried the Sally Hansen ones and they work well. Sephora I find to be a better brand overall so I would say they are great to!


  3. Oooo the nails are so pretty! They have a vintage feel to it. :)

  4. oh my... i have those nail flowers pinned too... and sooo adorbs!! who needs jewelry when you have pizzaz on your nails?!?!

  5. I really like the nails in the last pin!! I want them.


  6. I love pinterest too, it's a bit addictive hehehe I love the pattern mix and the heels!

  7. Your blog is so cute! Love all the colors, I need those shoes!

  8. Hi Marie! I Love this post its so creative colourful and cute! I've tagged you over at my blog The Home Front if you want to check it out...
    Have a lovely day
    Sarah(South Africa)

  9. gosh, those mustard heels are gorgeous, i love it!

    Stumbled upon your blog through pinteresting, I am so addicted to pinterest now! Let's stay connected! I am following your blog now. Please visit mines when you have a chance a follow me too if you like it, thanks sweetie!


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