Oh, How Pinteresting! {nr. 3}


Wait, more Valentine's Day pins? YES. I love February 14th and since it only comes once a year I think it is okay that I post a couple more pins about my favorite holiday. ^_^ Although really, I gather inspiration this time of the year that I can use for the rest of the year! Valentine's Day is only one day, we should really celebrate love much more often than that! :)
Source: Pioneer Woman Via: Marie On: Pinterest
Baked Fudge? Seriously? I am all for chocolate deliciousness.
Source: Lolly Jane Via: Marie On: Pinterest
Some of the "keep calm" pins are really dumb, I have to admit. But this one is adorable and I really like it a lot! ^_^ I am a sucker for love birds! Gets me every time. ^_^
Source: Millie Morgan Media Via: Marie On: Pinterest 
This stamp made out of an eraser is SO EASY but so awesome.  I really need to go out and get some cheap erasers so I can start making some stamps of my own!!
Source: BHG Via: Marie On: Pinterest 
I love the idea of wrapping chocolate bars! It makes it personalized and much more special. These designs are really pretty.
Source: Her Morning Elegance Via: Marie On: Pinterest 
Another super easy craft idea, but simplicity is right up my alley! :) You could use these little heart clothespins just about anywhere!
Source: Artsy Girl Connection Via: Marie On: Pinterest 
Mmm, strawberry is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, and this shake doesn't look to difficult to make! I really have to try it sometime! 
Source: Decorating The Dorchester Way Via: Marie On: Pinterest
I love cute prints and this one is no exception. I love languages and I love my husband. And in our multi-lingual home a print like this would be so adorable on the wall!



  1. These are so cute! :) Really admiring that baked fudge, and the decorative wraps for chocolate bars. Hope you have a happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I love the idea of the heart stamp out of an eraser!! Adorable pins and makes me even more excited for Valentine's Day!!

  3. I love those wrapped chocolate bars! So sweet... literally!


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