My Valentine's Day

1. I wasn't really expecting anything from my husband since Valentine's Day isn't really such a big holiday here. But being the sweetheart he is, he brought home some beautiful roses for me! He really is a gem.

2. He also got me the cutest coffee cup with pigs all over it. Most girls would be slightly offended I'm guessing, but he knows that I just have a soft spot for cute piggies! ^_^ 

3. I love the little heart garland I made this week! Aren't the colors cute? Not typical red or pink, but I think the blue + white + gold combo is beautiful. :-) I think I'll keep it up for awhile.

4. Toffifee. Probably in the top 5 favorite candies of mine! They were on sale for Valentine's Day so I couldn't help getting a box yesterday morning. They were blissfully delicious until husband came home and asked "did you really eat all these by yourself?" Who... me? ^_^ And I didn't eat all of them. There were like 5 left 3 left.

5. I had a slight baking disaster. On a tried and true recipe. On Valentine's Day. Are you kidding? Why do these things happen to me? Okay. Decided to make apple pie since it is husband's favorite dessert in the world. Had a full carton of vanilla bean ice cream in the freezer. Sounds like a plan, right?  Maybe not so much. It really went fine, until I made the crust. Ditzy me added hot (?) water to the dough. Whhhattt? Why would I even do that? Everyone knows you use cold!! So yeah. Sticky, flaky, un-rollable pie crust dough. (ha, I also forgot I didn't have a pie pan! I'm a smart one these days.) So I ended up smooshing the dough into muffin tins as well as I could and making mini apple pie cups. They weren't very pretty or impressive, but my husband came home and ate half a dozen, raving about how much he loves apple pie, so I don't think he even noticed anything amiss. 

 I had planned on having the house spotless, dinner on the table, the puppies fast asleep, and me looking beautiful by the time my husband got home from work. Instead the kitchen was still covered in flour, the puppies were jumping off the walls, dinner wasn't even started, and you do not want to know how awful I looked. 

My husband went out and walked the dogs with me. He drew me a bath (with bubbles!) when we got back. He finished washing up the kitchen for me and we made dinner together. Later on, he took me out to see a movie. It was such a nice night. I went to bed feeling so blessed. Life isn't perfect and neither am I. Things rarely go as planned, and sometimes things don't turn out exactly as you had imagined. (I'm still seeing a beautiful, plump, apple pie in my mind.. with heart cut outs on top! lol.) But life isn't always about ideals and perfection. It's about finding joy and beauty in the imperfect things. I'm really blessed to be married to such a good man, who goes with the flow and is flexible to the craziness life brings. I'm glad he still thinks I'm cute when I haven't a spec of makeup on my face and I have flour in my hair. I'm glad he isn't to proud to lend a hand or help out when I have a thousand things to do. I'm glad he watched comedies with me when I know he would rather watch something historical or action filled. He takes such good care of me and always puts me first. In all the little things he does for me every day, I can see how much he loves me. And I just fall deeper in love with him.

Enough mushiness! I really meant to stop at the apple pie part but my fingers just kept typing! Hope I didn't bore anyone. ^_^ Now I'm off to give myself a pedicure, pack for a weekend at my parents, and watch over my little pups. Stay tuned for updated photos of the girlies soon! They are getting so big. ^_^
Wishing everyone a lovely Wednesday,


  1. D'awwww :) So much love in one blog post.

  2. This is one of the sweetest Valentine's stories I've read! Thanks so much for not stopping after the apple pie! (-;


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