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After my last post about coming out of my anonymity, and getting up the courage to show my face :) I thought it was time to share a little bit more about me.

I am an American, but have lived in Romania since I was 15, when my family moved here as missionaries. I fell in love with this beautiful country and it came to feel more like a home to me than any place I had ever lived before. Having decided to stay in Romania after considering college, I figured my chances were slim on ever finding a future mate in a foreign country. I mean, realisticly what were the odds, right? I was simply happy to be where my heart had at last found peace. Plus I still felt young and wasn't looking for, or interested in a relationship at the time! But of course God has his own perfect timing, and in the Summer of 2010 I met the man that I would, a year later, end up marrying. Our story is a beautiful one, I have no doubts that it was writen by the hands of God. I feel so blessed to now be married to such an amazing man. And I feel blessed that I found not only a partner for life, but the love of my life, in a country so far away from my own! I currently still live in Romania with my handsome husband, and with most of my family close by. I live my daily life in a place that feels like a safe and familar haven, yet still surrounded by things that might always feel foreign to me. It isn't easy! I can't lie. There are times I feel isolated and lonely. I get frustrated with the cultural differences. I miss the simpliest and sillest things. But my life here is beautiful and blessed, I really can't complain! Living here to me, has been a gift. And I can't imagine my life differently!

And because ever post is better with some photos....

Did I mention my husband brought home TWO baby Rottweilers? We were supposed to have another home for one right away, but things are going slow and we haven't found a home yet...so they are both with us still. They are a sneaky little team and get into so much trouble but I am starting to really get attached to them both! I don't even know which one I am going to keep now! I really need to get them names soon because I pretty sure they think their names are "girls!!!!!!" :)

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  1. beautiful babies you got there! :) i am a new follower of your blog. I'd appreciate it if you can visit/follow mine too.


  2. Lovely story!! And the puppies are adorable :)

    With love,

  3. I admire you faith and courage to stay in a foreign place and put your trust in God and I think we need to hear more of the story about how you and your husband met! ;-)

  4. Wow, that is so cool that you live in Romania! I'd love to hear more of your story, if you are willing to share it. And those are really cute puppies! :)

  5. Isn't it funny how we "tell" God He can't do something, and He turns around and does exactly what we said He couldn't do and more! My eldest brother sort of went off the deep end for about three years. It was hard on all of us and we were constantly praying that God would bring Him back to Himself. Well, it's been year now since my brother called my dad and asked him to pray for him! God has done some amazing things in his life! And now he's married to his girlfriend and seeking God with their whole hearts. They're even moving back to where we live! I'm constantly overwhelmed with how amazing and awesome our God is!
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  6. I love stories of things just working together perfectly! thank you so much for sharing. and those puppies ARE adorable!

  7. Those puppies of yours are just PRECIOUS!! My dog is a little brown and white Shih Tzu, who's get into mischief alot. haha

    And ohmyword, I always assumed you lived in America!! Wow. I know some people who have gone to Romania MANY times in the past few years as 'missionaries' of sorts. :) They absolutely love it there! :) Well, lovely post!!


  8. I gave you a blog award over at my blog!!;-)


  9. Oh, my word! He winked! So adorable!

  10. Your's is an amazing story. I'm glad you still live there, to tell the Tale of your life.May God be with you always!


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