Louise + Atena

This is Atena. (Husbands choose the name, he has a fascination with Greek things!) She was the runt of the litter I'm guessing, but overcompensates for it by being ferocious and tough. She is a smart little cookie though and is a quick learner! I love her expressions, and I swear she understands me when I speak sometimes.  She is actually pretty affectionate when she gets sleepy and likes to sleep next to me on the couch!
This is Louise! The sweetheart of the two. ^_^ She is super chubby and has a really large head + paws so I think she is a going to be large! She got bite by a big dog a few weeks ago so she is currently rather afraid of other dogs, but I am working with her on trying to get more trust in herself and to realize that not all dogs are mean. :-) She has beautiful eyes and loves to give kisses. She also has a thing for sticking her head in the snow searching for treasures, which kind of reminds me of a baby badger! 
They both have improved leaps and bounds when it comes to behaving in the apartment. They are almost house trained and aren't biting so much anymore which is a big yay for me since they have little shark teeth! ouch. So far there are only 2 holes in the couch and they only destroyed 1 plant. ^_^ No, really they are little darlings. They crack me up with their antics and it is really nice to have some noise in the apartment while my husband is at work all day! They love being in the kitchen with me while I am cooking, and usually fall asleep in the corner like the photo above. :-) Hope this post wasn't too boring! I love dogs a lot and I'm so happy to have some in the house again so I wanted to share a few photos and an update. :-)


  1. I want your puppies!!!!!!! They are soooooo precious. Man. I wish my dog was still tiny like them. :) And the names are cute too.


  2. p.s.

    just to let you know, i wasn't able to get on your 'Five Things I Love About Romania' post from my dashboard. I'm not sure. It just said 'Blog Page Not Found' or something like that. :/ I wish I could read the post, but it won't let me. :(

  3. Oh, they are SO cute!!!

  4. These puppies just totally lit up my night. Gahhh, too adorable for words ❤

  5. Those. are. the. cutest. photos. ever.

    How adorable! I was going to comment on some of your other posts (even though I do enjoy being a sneaky stalker) but I cant NOT comment on the cute puppies.


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