The Little Things You Do

My husband is the sweetest, really. And since Valentine's Day is 10 days away, I thought I'd share 10 sweet things he does that make me love him more.

1. He draws the best bath. Tons of bubbles and smell good stuff. A clean, fluffy towel. He even brought back shells from the Black Sea when he was out of town for business, to set around the tub since I love the ocean. At the end of a bad day, he knows exactly how to calm me down!

2. He always holds my hand. It's nice to know I'm his girl. 

3. He brings home chocolate. My favorite kinds. What girl wouldn't like that... duh. {bonus points for bringing me chocolate croissants, fresh from the bakery, when I'm on my cycle. are you serious? I am definitely keeping that boy.}

4. He is convinced I'm an angel and reminds me frequently. When we were dating, he would notice small white feathers on me occasionally, which he said came from my wings and proved him right. {They were really just from my feather pillows. But I don't mind his theory either!}

5. He gives me his scarf when I forget mine. And he lets me steal his sweaters. Why are boy's sweaters so much softer that ours?

6. He turns up the radio when my favorite songs come on. Even the ones I know he hates. ^_^

7. He has nicknames for me in every language he knows. {um, there are a lot! I kind of married a genius!} And all of them still make me smile.

8. If he sees dirty dishes in the sink, he washes them. And that is probably in the top 3 reasons of why I married him! jk. ^_^ Not really. But to be honest, it is little things like this that make him such a sweetheart. Being considerate is always romantic.

9. When we're relaxing after dinner and sitting on the couch together...he stops flipping channels if he comes across a girly looking movie and asks me if I want to watch it, before heading off to watch his own preference of football or news. ^_^ How sweet is that?

10. He reminds me of all my passions and talents, and pushes me to go chase after my dreams. He always stands by my side, and never lets me go.

I love my husband so much and feel like the most lucky girl in the world to have been blessed with this man. God is so good!


  1. This post is so sweet it makes my heart melt...The love your husband has for you is seriously so evident and clear and it makes me pin for the day that I find my husband, too. You are so blessed and lucky! x

  2. What a sweet post, Marie! You are so blessed to be loved by a man like that. =) I pray that someday God will bring me my own Prince Charming who will love me just as much as your husband loves you. <3

  3. Bahaha! Oh chocolate. I hate it, honestly. Its funny how much everyone is head-over-heals over it. Teehee, Oh well, to each her own.
    My dude would have to bring me home Orange sherbert. Yes, oh yes,then He'd be amazing. ;)


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