How We Met {the story of us}

Several of my friends and followers asked me how I met my husband, so I decided to just write it out in a post! Plus it really is a lovely story, I'm so happy to share it with you today! ^_^

It was July of two-thousand-and-ten, my dad told me about a coffee shop that had recently opened in the city. My family knows I am quite the coffee connoisseur...well more like a caffeine addict, but connoisseur sounds better. ^_^ So on a muggy Summer evening, I decided to stop in and see what all the hype was about. I ordered and waited as the Barista with back turned to me prepared my cafe au lait. Looking around, I took in my surroundings. It really was a darling cafe. With color blocked walls, and bar stools surrounding stout tables. Not large or too loud. Cozy, just like a good coffee shop should be. Glass counter tops showcased doughnuts, croissants, small cakes, and fresh bread. The wall behind held a large framed menu and shelves stacked with coffee cups. After a minute, I turned and faced the Barista to grab my cup of coffee and there he was. Sparkling hazel eyes, with such depth and so full of life that I could barely look away. I managed a quick thanks, and he threw a smile back. I found a table and settled in to test the whole reason why I was here. {oh yeah!!} Coffee. I swear, that was the best cup of coffee I'd ever had. 

That cafe became my hang out spot. The coffee really was good, and the croissants were to die for! I'd settle in to my favorite table in the corner weekly {ahem, almost daily...} to catch up on reading or scribble in my journal. It was a little haven for me. A quite spot in my day. A place to relax. I continued to see the Barista often. I loved watching him work. His hands were so graceful for a boy. Sliding pastries out of the oven, pouring milk into cappuccinos. He never dropped a tray. He was so darn cute. Dark black hair, a voice like honey. I was head over heels. The thing was, I didn't even know his name. I didn't know anything about him. I am quite the realistic girl, and I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere. He probably wasn't a christian, gosh, I didn't even know if he was single! Surely a hunk like that wasn't alone, come one! He continued to fill my thoughts often. I'd stop by on bad days just hoping to see his face. I was disappointed when he wasn't there. When he smiled at me my heart squealed. When his eyes met mine, I was so intrigued by their depth that I just wanted to know more.

Okay. Whoa. I was really starting to freak myself out. He was a stranger. I didn't even know his name. He probably smiles at everyone I thought, I mean, isn't that part of his job? He probably brings coffee orders over to every girls table! My goodness. It just wasn't reality. Not my reality anyway.

My birthday came in the beginnings of September, I went out with a few friends to get our nails done and on a whim I got a salon blowout as well. Before headed off for pizza and bowling that evening, I wanted to grab a cup of coffee, check my email, and pull my thoughts together. Since I wanted to show off my beautiful and voluminous blown out hair to the sexy Barista that had stolen my heart and could possibly be at work my cafe was the closest I decided to go there. ^_^ No disappointment there. Sure enough he was behind the counter. I ordered my typical and he told me to go take a seat and he'd bring it too me. He even cleared off my favorite table. {awww!} I started writing "thank you for the birthday wish" emails to my friends and family, when he brought my coffee over. His co-workers were all watching me, and he seemed a little nervous and distracted. I finished my emails and he brought another coffee over to my table, this time on the house. He held out his hand and introduced himself as Dan. I told him mine, and he noted that my name was like the character from Shakespeare's "The Tempest." He had no idea, but that little speech stole my heart as I adore Shakespeare so much, he is my favorite author. ^_^ We chatted about religion, mythology, philosophy and out mutual love for dogs. He said he had spoken with my dad in the weeks before and had been invited to come to church, he just needed directions. He wrote down his name and number {on a blue post-it ^_^} and I promised to pass it along to someone that would help. {not before I put it in my phone under important contacts. ya know. just in case I ever needed to ask for coffee advice or something.}

That Sunday he came to church like he said he would. My parents have a village church a long way out in the country, with mostly gypsy members. I was nervous that he wouldn't feel comfortable and figured he probably wouldn't come again. When he showed up that morning he looked as nervous as I felt! I was getting teasing from all of my family and friends, as they knew I had a crush on this guy for a long time. It was embarrassing to say the least. Everything went smoothly. After the service we had a barbecue at my house and I was happy that he decided to stay and was looking more relaxed! If anything I went out of my way to avoid him. I didn't want him to come to church for me, I wanted him to become interested in God first! I was shocked to see him come back again the next week, and my heart leaped for joy when he asked Jesus to be his Saviour on that day. The story goes on from there. It has many ups and downs, and I never knew there could be so many surprises and twists in life! I am ashamed that I didn't have more faith in God, that he can truly change peoples lives and make miracles happen. Our story is one of beauty. A story so cheesy that I wouldn't have ever believed it if it wasn't mine. Sparks {or are they fireworks?} have been flying since that first time he handed me my coffee. I'm now a true believer in that beautiful thing called chemistry & love. I feel like the luckiest girl on earth to be loved by him. He is my half. And I love him with all of my heart.



  1. What an amazing story! And it is cheesy, but what girl doesn't want a movie like, super cheesy romance of her very own? =)
    Congrats and this story may have inspired me to stop always going through the drive through at my coffee place..... ;-)

  2. Loved reading your story. So cute/special. :)

  3. aww I'm so glad you wrote your story....its so sweet..just like you guys:-) Hey it never hurts for a caffeine addict to marry a Barista..just saying....its like marrying a lifetime supply of coffee drinks:-)

  4. this is such a modern-fairytale story! who doesn't dream about marrying the cute boy in the coffee shop?? God is such an amazing writer. :)

  5. Oh, I am SOOOO glad that you shared your love story with us!

  6. Aww, this is such a cool beautiful story! I have to ask, was that picture taken in the coffee shop where you met?

  7. Oh,I love your story. God's amazing when it comes to writing love storys!!!!

  8. Oh my! That story is just like a movie only better because it is true!!! <3 I am so glad you shared; I loved every minute I was reading it!

  9. Aw, your love story is so sweet! I loved reading every word. ♥


  10. Was exploring your blog (didn't see this on my dashboard - gasp!)o and found this lovely, lovely story.
    So beautiful!

  11. This was so great! I love your sarcastic humor, by the way; my humor is similar.

    Well, I'm off to Starbucks...'cause who knows what could happen! :D


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