Honey, I'm Home!

Little things really do make a big difference. When your man comes home from work, here are some little things that you can do to show him you care.

Spritz some perfume on your neck. He might not say anything, but believe me he will notice!

Pick up clutter around the house! No one likes to come home to a cluttered house.

Change into a clean shirt, or put something a little nicer on. This is a reminder for me, at home I have a bad habit of being a bit lazy in my dress. Poor husband!

Light a smell good candle or an oil burner. It is so nice to come into a house that smells like vanilla or fresh bamboo. 

No nagging. As much as you want the trash to go out, or how bad your day was, give him a little peace & quiet!

Ask him how his day was.... and really listen!

Prepare something for him to snack on before dinner. My husband tends to get home and be starving, so it is nice and thoughtful if you already have something ready to grab.

Be cheerful and smile! Smiles are nice and happiness is contagious. 

Let him relax. Go out of your way to try and make him feel comfortable. But no smothering. Men usually aren't a big fan of this either! :)

Put on a pot of coffee. Especially on cold days during the Winter, my husband really appreciates this!

Do you guys have anything to add to the list?


  1. nope, cuz i'm not married yet!!! i'm only 18. lol

    but nice tips - i will have to remember these for the Lord-willing-future-possibility that i get married. :)


  2. What great tips! I'll have to keep these all in mind for when I (hopefully) get married!!


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