Five Things I Love About Romania {Q&A part I}

Lindsay from Trial By Sapphire asked, "What are you top 5 favorite things about living in Romania?" So here are my answers! :-)

1. People stop to smell the roses. As crazy as life can get, I love how Romanians can quickly go into relaxation mode. When warm weather hits, you will see all the roadside fields packed with people picnicking over the weekend. Kids splash in and out of the small rivers, old people sunbathe (proudly in their speedos + bikini's) and keep a close eye on the grill, loud + cheerful manele (a kind of Romanian music) will most likely be blasting from someones car radio, and everyone plays football (soccer)! I love how simple they make it to just go somewhere and let go...let go of the stress, pain, and rush of the everyday life, and just breathe. They know how to relax, in a very simple but effective manner, and that is something I have really come to appreciate about Romania.
2. Living here has taught me to appreciate the small things. I've lived most of my time here with my parents in a very rustic + rural village of about 3000 people. The roads weren't paved until last year, and even now they still have times they can't get out in the winter. Many people still don't have indoor plumbing in the country (including my parents!), but to be honest I'm glad my parents have an outhouse because that is still better than what I've seen others living with (um, nothing?). Running water comes + goes. It can turn off without warning and you might not see it again for up to a week. Even if you do have water, some days it's just a tiny trickle. Country life is still very rustic, some say up to 100 years behind the west. To say the least, living in Romania has taught me to be thankful for things I had no idea I was taking for granted in the USA!
3. I'm continually amazed at the majestic beauty that surrounds me. Okay, to be honest there are some ugly areas of the country. I've seen them. But in my opinion, the beautiful areas far outweigh them! And I am very blessed to be living in the very center of a mountainous + lush part of the country. A short walk outside of my apartment and I'm suddenly faced with massive + jagged peeks covered in fresh snow. Inside those mountain ranges are clear + sparkling lakes, quant little resorts + inns, and the most mysterious forests that you've ever seen. Driving towards my parents home you'll see rolling country hills, with a scattering of sheep + cow herds. Lush farm land and more deep forests. Romania is truly a gorgeous country, and it continues to amaze me that I actually live in the middle of it all!
4. Colorful buildings + detailed architecture. I didn't realize how much I loved this until I went back for a visit in the USA and all the buildings were white, tan, or grey. So blah! In Romania, color can be found everywhere you look. You will find every imaginable shade of green, pink, orange, yellow, + blue. Not to mention there is so much architectural detailing! I love the unique carvings of angels, mystical creatures, flowers, birds, and intricate scrolling. It is so interesting and enchanting. I could spend days exploring my city alone just to see and photograph all of the beautiful buildings!
5. And a kajillion small things that I probably could never entirely list! I love the fashion + personal style in the street, you almost never seen people out in their sweats. I love shopping, I find the best deals and there are sooo many modest skirts to be found! I love hearing the street musicians, and all of the adorable outdoor cafes on cobblestone streets. I love the food here, my mother-in-law makes the best sarmale in the world! ^_^ The people here are strong + determined, and they work hard to support their families. The snowflakes are the biggest I've ever seen, and the parks are full of tulips in the spring. In this country I finally found a place that feels like home to me. I feel safe and feel belonging. I'm so grateful for all of the lessons this place has taught me and all of the beautiful things I've been able to experience.
This is part I of more posts to come about the country of Romania and my life here. If you have questions or things you'd like most to hear about then leave them in a comment below or feel free to email me at maireloves {at} gmail {dot} com. ^_^


  1. I love this! I'm going to tweet it out! I'm so glad you wrote this post, Arielle! And thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Hi Marie danielle! I've seen documentaries and I was amazed at how beautiful nature is in Romania. I write to you from Greece and I'm very familiar with the music of your country.It;s a music that evokes strong feelings.I want to know how is the political situation as you are going through troubled times in Romania as well.We have it so difficult in Greece that every day reality seems like a nightmare!

  3. Thank you so much for giving me this snapshot into Romania--it is fascinating!

  4. Wow, now I really wanna go visit Romania someday!! And you, of course. :) So, is your husband American or Romanian??? Do you think you could take some pics of Romanian street style for us and post them here? I'd be interested in that! Thanks. :)



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